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    Default Montale Greyland

    This Scent was very nice and is kinda like pine trees, tempered. Devin cologne is what it reminds me of, but this one is not as harsh, and it imminently more wearable in warmer weather. It is going strong at 2 hours now.

    The Montales are well made. Much better than anything I am smelling in the Macy's sort of cologne selection. My problem, as it were, is I am wanting a Montale to come out and bite me and say, I AM THE ONE YOU WANT. My wife and daughter so far like Marine Fougeres. That is saying a lot since they really have disliked 80% or more of anything I sample. My wife is noncommital on this one. This is one of the better ones I have smelt lately


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    I just ordered a bottle from Vijay. To me it's cedar and cumin. It's got that wonderful "skanky" sweaty quality that I love. Not quite B.O. but almost. It's raw and sexy. I had a small sample of this and it has lasted for about 6 hours now. Not much development. It is ending a lot like it started. When I wore it the other day, I woke up smelling it on my wrist!

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    Very much like Gucci PH, which is my #3 favorite. Only slight difference I can think of, is Greyland's top notes are a tad unpleasant to me, possibly the cumin. After drydown however, it seems like a Gucci clone. Possibly, a little more projection than Gucci, but I can't imagine spending $80-90 more for Greyland. Quality stuff though, don't get me wrong, Montale seems to be a quality house.
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    Yes, a lot like Gucci PH in that it's a wood fragrance. To me there is a huge difference in that Gucci PH smells like pencil shavings. There is a weird pencil lead-like note that I get in some CDG's as well, like Calamas. Greyland on the other hand is smooth and sexy. In fact, I find it gets a little sweeter after I have had it on for a few hours. It lasts all day with great sillage.

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