interesting to me how things happen...come about...develop ...that kinda thing...usually there is a point "a" which inevitably leads to a point "b"...but it can get murky as diversions sway the unfolding or the goalpost gets repositioned a young lad i became introduced to mom and dad would get dressed up for going out and my mom used a fragrance and my dad would use an after was an occasion for presenting ones-self...for an would generally be associated for me as a "special" kinda experience...then later as i was at school i began to notice through puberty an after shave or or there and asking about this or that i became aware of some products....we're talkin late 60's early 70's...aramis stands out to my memory...and it was prolly the first scent i did buy after having some money to do so....i cant recall being given any as gifts or such...but in '74 i had the good fortune to spend the summer in paris and also in the south of spain with a family....and the family that i did have the good fortune to spend time with were good friends with a family whose father worked for l'oreal....and that particular time was full of many adventures but associated to me forever was the european fragrances...this wasnt common for an upstate new yorker really......anyways...what i wish to lead into is that i found basenotes as i was googling some frags i was looking to regain again...having found what i was looking for and so much more has been a treat....has that searching ended...nope not yet..i can say that my drobe doesnt reflect popular/well known/ultra diverse educational from the refrigerator scents...but nearly all were acquired with a passion for my particular interests and they will always be to thank in "to sir with love" fashion for all the resources...especially here in this community...what a gas...gotta love this place!

whats so funny bout peace love and understanding!!!

all the best