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    Default Black Jeans (again?)

    I bought this fragrance blind over the summer, and upon first sniff, my initial reaction was "Whoa, this is some dark stuff. Rock star cologne time." It brought to my mind a gothic feel and darkness. However, after spending some time on here, I noticed someone said something about a barbershop, and I noticed a similarity to an old shaving cream I used when I first started shaving. I let my friend test it out, and the first thing he said was "this is dark smelling." I then mentioned shaving cream and he said "OHHHH're right, it smells like Barbasol."

    Anyways, I just wanted to know what you guys thought, do you smell clean barbershop or a more dark, brooding scent.

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    Default Re: Black Jeans (again?)

    I never got the barbershop discussion on this scent.
    Never thought it very dark or brooding either - too lively a scent for that.

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