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Thread: Geir ness

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    Quote Originally Posted by zr0e
    everyone is entitled to think...

    but I rather like it.
    I agree , everybody has a right to express their viewpoints. But I will point one thing out too. In the many discussions we have had for Geir at this forum, since I have been a Basenotes member , there have been a lot more yaysayer's than naysayers.

    There I just came out with two new words yaysayers, naysayers
    Are these in the dictionary ?

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    Vijay...they aren't yet but give it some time. I bet they will show up eventually!

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    wierd thing about geir - I was reading the reviews the other day and wearing a bit of geir on my wrist. It seems that EVERYBODY perceives this in a different way, the range of descriptions is large and highly variable. As I read each assessment, I sniffed. The odd thing was, I could see the sense in all of them. I could smell all the completely different things the reviewers were describing. This has not happened to me with any other frag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by maisonstinky
    I am firmly entrenched in this camp

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_good_life
    In my perception, Geir does not have anything naturally fresh, much less is it anything like mountain air (except if there's a fragrance factory on the mountaintop, perhaps). It is sweet, subtly floral, soapy-clean and certainly has its share of synthetics, no? If Gendarme smells fresh and natural to you, or any other fabric softener , then so will this, I would wager. My conception of freshness is quite different and my only association with Geir is perfume. It smells "fragrancy," like certain skin creams do. In fact it reminds me of a more refined version of what Neutrogena handcream smells like. Which happens to be Norwegian. Anyway, I could see myself liking this on somebody walking past me, as a brief impression, but I find too boring to wear myself. My two scents...
    honestly, mountain air? clouds rolling over vast hills? flowers poking out of the ground covered in crystalline dew? i totally agree with you. it doesn't smell anything like any of this. anyone whos actually been on a mountain can attest to that... unless that mountain happens to be made of vanilla and watermelon. I find im getting annoyed a little lately by frag companies' overblown and completely unrealistic descriptions of the notes in their frags and also by the people who go around perpetuating that kind of overblown language (most SA's).

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    I love it. When I wear it I get a Allure Sport similarity. To me they smell very much alike. I guess the fact that my wife goes nuts over it is the most important reason I own it.

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    I want this bandwagon to come back! One of the best light floral scents I've ever come across, and Ness has carved out it's own niche in my wardrobe
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    Oh man, this thread brings back memories!

    I totally forget about Geir, probably because I don't like it, but it is an interesting scent, and would probably be a hit again today, considering BN's current affinity for sweets.
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    I'm a fan too. I understand everyone has a different taste. I don't necessarily think of G as natural, mountain-air smelling fragrance but it's a great scent that's fresh and warm at once. It can be worn in any weather.
    This is a scent that gets very diffusive in the heart notes and you should apply it with care. It's very potent. I do get the florals, patchouli, vetiver and vanilla. Sort of...yes, flowers and wet woods.
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    I've been wearing this stuff for years. It's unique, long-lasting and never fails to get compliments. This will always be in my wardrobe....

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