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    Default Notes/Noses/years/etc for some Cofinluxe: Dali, Morgan, Watt, etc.

    The whole thing goes like this:
    Cofinluxe owns the distribution rights with a worldwide license for:
    Parfums Salvador Dali (since 1983), Parfums Morgan (since 2003), Parfums Andy Warhol (since 1999), Parfums Café-Paris (since 1979), Parfums Thé (since 1984), Parfums Watt (since 1991) and Parfums Taxi-Paris(since 1984). They had the rights for Parfums Chaumet from 1999 to 2002 but didn’t renew the deal again.

    Most of these scents are already on the directory (Salvador Dali is on the directory, the Watt and Café scents are also there under Cofinluxe, and the Morgan scents are under Morgan de Toi -if Café and Watt are under Cofinluxe, i think they should be under Cofinluxe too and the company name is Parfums Morgan, i didn't find any of the Thé scents nor the Taxi scent.) some are not, but many are missing some info.
    All The Info comes from Cofinluxe themselves.

    I will post here the missing notes and info on the year of launch and the perfumer who created the scent. If the notes aren’t missing, I will post only the perfumer/nose.
    So here we go:

    Parfums Salvador Dali:

    Salvador Dali (from women 1983)
    Perfumer: Alberto Morillas for Firmenich
    Top: Bergamot,aldehydes, tangerine
    Middle: Rose, jasmin,lily of the valley
    Base: Sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla.

    Salvador dali pour homme (1987)
    Pefumer: Thierry Vasseur for Givaudan

    Laguna (for women, 1991)
    Perfumer: Marc Buxton for H&R
    Top: lily of the valley, pineapple, tangerine,blackcurrant.
    Middle: roses, iris,jasmin,lil of the valley.
    Base: ambergris, vanilla,cedar,patchouli.

    Dalissime (for women, 1994)
    Perfumer: Marc Buxton for H&R
    Top: blackcurrant, jasmin,raspberry,apricot.
    Middle: peach, roses,jasmin, lily of the valley.
    Base: vanilla, amber,musks.

    Eau de Dali: (women, 1995)
    Perfumer: Karoline Vieth for H&R
    Top: grapefruit, mandarine,peach.
    Middle: jasmin, roses,lily of the valley
    Base: amber, vanilla,musk, cedar.

    Dalimix (unisex, 1996)
    Perfumer: Martin Gras for Dragoco.
    Top: bergamot, pear
    Middle: watermelon
    Base: lily of the valley, amber.

    Le roy Soleil Homme (1998)
    Perfumer: Gérard Anthony for Firmenich.

    Dalimania (for women 1999)
    Perfumer: Philippe Collet for Expressions Parfumées.
    Top: blackcurrant
    Middle: roses, blackberries.
    Base: sandalwood,

    Daliflor (for women 2000)
    Perfumer: Olivier Pescheux for Givaudan.
    Notes: (there are 2 versions the EDT and the EDP, wich have the same basic ingredients but they differ in concentrations for each and their position on the pyramid; both were made by Mr. Pescheux).
    Top: roses, grapefruit, violet,mandarine.
    Middle: jasmin,roses, lily of the valley.
    Base: sandalwood, vanilla, musks.
    Top: jasmin, grapefruit, violet,mandarine
    Middle: roses, jasmin, lily of the valley.
    Base: sandalwood, vanilla, musks.

    Laguna pour homme (2001)
    Perfumer: Henri Bergia for Expressions Parfumées.

    Dalistyle (for women 2002)
    Perfumer: Évelyne Boulanger for Créations aromatiques.
    Top: pear, fressia.
    Middle: mandarine, lotus flowers.
    Base: sandlwood, vanilla.

    Rubylips (for women 2004)
    Perfumer: Daphné Buget for Firmenich.
    Top: redcurrants, topsi rose.
    Middle: water lily, wild orchids.
    Base: patchouli, sandlwood, honey, musks.

    Eau de Rubylips (for women 2005)
    Perfumer: Michel Almairac for Robertet.
    Top: lily of the valley,grapefruit.
    Middle: cotton flowers, magnolia pineapples
    Base:cedar, amber,musks.

    Agua Verde (for men , 2005)
    Perfumer: Raphael Haüri for Charabot.
    Top: figs, grapefruit
    Middle: jasmin
    Base: vetiver, ambergris, sandalwood.

    Sea & Sun In Cadaquès (for women, 2006) -missing
    Perfumer: Michel Almairac for Robertet.
    Top: kumquat, blackcurrant.
    Middle: fressia, lotus flower, water lily.
    Base: cedar, amber.

    Parfums Café-Paris:

    Café (women 1979)
    Perfumer: Jean Jacques Dierner for Givaudan
    Top: rosemary, green lemon
    Middle: roses, vervein
    Base: patchouli.

    Café-Café (women 1996)
    Perfumer: Thomas Fontaine for Technicoflor.
    Top: lily of the valley
    Middle: passion fruit, caramel
    Base: sandalwood.

    Café-Café pour Homme (1996)
    Perfumer: Marc Buxton for H&R

    Café-Café Adventure (women 2000)
    Perfumer: Raphaël Haury for Charabot.
    Top: jasmin
    Middle: roses.
    Base: oakmoss, sandalwood.

    Café-Café Adventure pour homme (2000)
    Perfumer: Henri Bergia for Expressions Parfumées.
    Top: lemon, tangerine.
    Middle: rosewood
    Base: amber.

    Café-Café Puro (women 2002)
    Perfumer: Stéphane Coez for Technicoflor.
    Top: lemon, tangerine
    Middle: lily of the valley
    Base: cedar.

    Café-Café Puro pour Homme (2002)
    Perfumer: Henri Bergia for Expressions Parfumées.
    Top: lemon, grapefruit
    Middle: cardamom, nutmeg
    Base: sandalwood.

    Café-Café Men (2002)
    Perfumer: Henri Bergia for Expressions Parfumées.

    Café-Café Men 2 (2002)
    Perfumer: Henri Bergia for Expressions Parfumées.
    Top: green lemon.
    Middle: orange blossom, jasmin.
    Base: amber, patchouli.

    Café-Café Puro Iced (women, 2004)
    Perfumer: Stéphane Coez for Technicoflor.
    Notes: tangerine, grapefruit.
    Middle: jasmin, wild pear.
    Base: cedar.

    Iced by Café Pour Homme (2005) -missing
    Perfumer: Jean Jacques for Takasago
    Top: tangerine, lavender.
    Middle: geranium, cinnamon.
    Base: cedar, praline.

    Intenso by Café (women 2005) -missing
    Perfumer: Jean Jacques for Takasago.
    Top: coffe, lotus flowers
    Middle: lilac, bamboo.
    Base: vanilla, oranges.

    Parfums Morgan

    Morgan de Toi pour Lui: (2003)
    Top: lemon, sage, bergamot.
    Middle: mint, jasmin, geranium.
    Base: oakmoss, sandalwood, vetiver.

    Morgan de Toi pour Elle: (2003)
    Top: bilberry flowers, pink pepper
    Middle: crystal amber, black jasmin, nectarines.
    Base: agarwoods, patchouli, musks.

    Light my heart Collection (by parfums morgan) 2004 -missing
    Pour Elle:
    Top: grapefruit, passion fruit.
    Middle: water jasmin, white amber.
    Base: white sandalwood, patchouli, pink musks.

    Pour Lui:
    Top: bergamot, star anise, lemon.
    Middle: mint, jasmin, sage.
    Base: exotic woods, musks, sandalwood.

    Love Love de Toi (by arfums morgan, for women, 2005)
    Top: raspberries, pear, apple, grapefruit, tangerine.
    Middle: roses, jasmin, geranium.
    Base: musks, sandalwood, griotte (morello cherry).

    Parfums Taxi-Paris
    Taxi (for men, 1984) -missing
    Perfumer: Marc Buxton for H&R.
    Top: star anise, bergamot.
    Middle: lavender, nutmeg.
    Base: ambergris, sandalwood.

    Parfums Thé.

    Thé Vert (for women, 2002) -missing
    Perfumer: Henri Borgia for Expressions Parfumées.
    Top: oranges
    Middle: roses, jasmin
    Base: tea, sandalwood.

    Thé Classic (for women 1984) -missing
    Perfumer: Roger Pellegrino for Firmenich.
    Top: tangerine.
    Middle: roses, jasmin.
    Base: ambergris.

    Parfums Watt

    Watt Mauve (women, 2004)
    Perfumer: Jean-Marie Faugier for Technicoflor.
    Top: lemon
    Middle: jamsin, violets
    Base: patchouli, vanilla.

    Watt Rose (women, 1993)
    Perfumer: Paulette Laropolis for Charabot.
    Top: apricot, peach
    Middle: hiacynth, violets.
    Base: peach , roses.

    Watt Bleu (men 1991)
    Perfumer: Thierry Vasseur for Givaudan.
    Top: oakmoss, bergamot.
    Middle: cedar, mint.
    Base: sandalwood, rosemary.

    i think that's it! hope you liked it.
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    Default Re: Notes/Noses/years/etc for some Cofinluxe: Dali, Morgan, Watt, etc.

    Very thorough!

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    Default Re: Notes/Noses/years/etc for some Cofinluxe: Dali, Morgan, Watt, etc.

    Thank you sooooooooooo much for these details. Reviewing this made me buy a bottle of TAXI on eBay. Loved the notes. That's the style of frg hat I love best, notewise. And it's deigned by BUXTON. A great niche frag designer. I'm excited to try it. It was only $7. Can't go wrong with that. I'll drop my review here when the bottle comes in.

    - - - Updated - - -

    BTW it seems TAXI has very similar notes to those found in INTIMATELY BECKHAM BY BECKHAM (2006). A frag that I absolutely love. I wonder if they are somewhat similar? Intimately BECKHAM also reminds me a little of Avon's Tomorrow, and micheal kors for men. So I'm hoping this scent shares a similar vibe.

    - - - Updated - - -

    TAXI: not bad. But my first impression. Not great either. It's a softer clone of drakkar noir, or lomani. Very 80s. Clean type frag. I mean is does feel like I'm wearing a watered down version of drakkar. But initially it has in the top notes what I can only describe as a cat urine note. It doesn't last long, and the dry down is pleasant. But cat urine. Really? Really. In Any case lomani is vastly superior for the same price. Especially because lomani is so potent, a little goes a long way, and it smells like a quality 80s style frag. Personally, I had high hopes, but I'd pass on Taxi.

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