I'm off to my friend's apres wedding function this evening, and I'm not entirely sure what to go with.

I don't think any of my 'fresh' scents would be entirely appropriate, as the weather is getting a little cooler now, but I'm rather wary of putting on something which (although lovely by our standards), may end up fumigating the place.

It starts at 8pm, and so it's only going to go on until 2am max; something to last the course would do - and also, it's going to take an hour to get there, so whatever I wear will have a chance to settle down en route. It'll be a mainly younger crowd (25-40) with a few oldies and kids for good measure, so Aramis and Phileas are out of the window

I'm leaning towards Rive Gauche, as that turns into something quite musky and fruity on my skin, but then my trusty bottle of Fahrenheit is calling out to it's Dad. I've only received my Bulgari pour Homme literally 20 minutes ago, and I'll be testing that out for a few hours, but I don't think I'll be confident enough to wear it out -just yet-, having only just started to make friends with it