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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Current top 10 (I have over 30 samples coming in next week so this might change a bit shortly ) :

    Creed Acier Aluminum
    Creed Bois Du Portugal
    Creed Millesime Imperial
    Creed Royal English Leather
    Musc Ravageur (Frederic Malle)
    Van Cleef pour homme
    Grabazzi (Gendarme)
    Santal Noble (MPG)
    Guerlain Vetiver
    YSL Live Jazz
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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    In no particular order:
    Creed AA
    Creed BdP
    Creed GIT
    Creed MI
    F. Malle Vetiver Extrordinaire
    F. Malle Musc Ravageur
    YSL Kouros
    YSL Rive Gauche
    Nicole Miller for Men
    Burberry Brit for Men
    Jaipur PH

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    there are so many that I haven't tried yet. so here is an unofficial top favs. dzing,tea 4 two,mechant loup,tangerine vert,by man,rochas man,fougeres marine,odeur 53,geir,(crystal flowers,aoud roses pedals,obsession)

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    well this is pretty bogus have I even tried 10 things I like? let's see!

    Mark Birley
    Spicy Cocoa
    musc ravageur
    iris poudre
    vetiver extraordinaire - but I never even tried it on

    well that's 10 and I had to stretch it
    the last three I really hardly know

    and clearly with me it's a case of "niche first, ask questions later"

    still my horizons have expanded in a month or so from being a one scent man

    as an attentive basenoter I'm dying to try:

    live jazz (even though the name is corny it's also incredibly smart, cause live jazz is like a completely different animal than jazz via a recording, night and day, for me, and I almost never take an interest in recorded jazz)
    eau sauvage
    eau d'issey
    dzing (tried on a toothpick didn't smell anything)
    tea for 2 (toatdsa)
    vetiver guerlain
    gucci envy I guess but at this point I'm still like oh probably every swingin dick is wearing it..
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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Oh man, I think I might be able to make my top10 list now for real. I remembered a fragrance I just HAD to put in the list. Alright, so here goes again, and this time shorter:

    Dorissima - Narziß
    Hermès - Eau des Merveilles
    Serge Lutens - Daim Blond
    Serge Lutens - Chergui
    Helmut Lang - Cuiron
    L'Artisan - Dzing!
    Santa Maria Novella - Nostalgia
    Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle - Vétiver Extraordinaire
    Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle - Musc Ravageur
    Comme des Garçons 2 EdP

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    In no particular order & right now:

    Etiquette Bleue, D'Orsay
    Purple Water, Asprey
    Monsieur Balmain
    Vetiver Hombre, Dominguez
    Blenheim Bouquet, Penhaligon's

    Bogart, Jacques Bogart
    Witness, Jacques Bogart
    Royal English Leather, Creed
    Bois du Portugal, Creed
    Baie de Genièvre, Creed
    L'Eau du Gouverneur, CSP
    Piper Nigrum, Villoresi
    Cacharel Pour L'Homme
    Currently wearing: Mellis by Annette Neuffer

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Well, this is more manageable than a top 15!

    In no particular order:

    Envy for Men
    Bois d'Argent
    Fumerie Turque
    Douce Amère
    Daim Blond
    Bois Farine
    Vétiver Extraordinaire

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    These are greatly affected by the season (it's too hot to wear my all-time favourites Parfum Sacre, Youth Dew parfum, Nuit de Noel, Fleurs d'Oranger and a few others) and what I wear most often recently.

    Le Parfum de Therese
    Agent Provocateur
    Narciso Rodriguez
    Songes (a new love!)
    Azuree body oil
    Ayala Moriel, Perfumer
    Ayala Moriel Parfums
    Visit my SmellyBlog:

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    The power of bleu
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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    What I'm liking right now:

    1. Angel
    2. Addict
    3. L de Lolita Lempicka
    4. Eau des Merveilles
    5. L'Air du Desert Morocain
    6. Chergui
    7. Trouble
    8. Bandit
    9. Ambre Sultan
    10. Dzing!

    warning: subject to change without warning!
    I've trademarked the color bleu

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Here's mine as of right now:

    1. Geir Ness
    2. Knize Ten
    3. DK Fuel
    4. L'artisan Voleur de Roses
    5. Boucheron Jaipur Homme EDP
    6. L'artisan Bois Farine
    7. L'artisan Passage d'Enfer
    8. JPG Gaultier 2
    9. Creed Vintage Tabarome
    10. Aramis Havana

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    M7 fresh
    Eau sauvage
    Monsieur de Givenchy
    Platinum Egoïste
    Bel Ami
    Armani eau pour homme
    Bois du Portugal
    Top 5: Obsession | Eau sauvage | Antaeus | Bel Ami | Platinum Égoïste
    my wardrobe

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Chanel Egoiste
    YSL Opium EDP
    J.P. Gaultier Le Male
    Chanel Antaeus
    Chanel Pour Monsieur
    F. Malle Musc Ravageur
    Different Company Jasmine de Nuit
    F. Malle Une Rose
    L'artisan Tea for Two
    Nr. 10 - for your fancy
    One can not prove the beauty, but show it. You see it or you don't.

    Real beauty: 1) Frederic Malle 1-20 2) Chanel Egoiste 3) YSL Opium pour Homme edp 4) Guerlain Habit Rouge 5) TF Noir de Noir \\ Noses: 1) Jacques Cavallier 2) Maurice Roucel

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    SL Fumerie Turque
    SL Cuir Mauresque
    Davidoff Relax
    Balenciaga PH
    MPG Santal Noble
    MPG Centaure
    Malle Musc Ravageur
    Villoresi Piper Nigrum
    D'Orsay Etiquette Bleue
    Amouage Dia

    Honorable mentions: SL Miel de Bois, SL Chene, Aramis Havana, Divine L'Homme Sage, Guess Men (original), Montale Aoud Cuir d'Arabie, C&S no.88., Villoresi Musk, Mona di Orio Lux, MPG Ambre Precieux, PG Harmatan Noir.

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    In no particular order*:

    C&S No. 88
    L'Artisan Passage D'Enfer
    L'Artisan Navegar
    Etro Etra
    Tommy Bahama
    Lalique Pour Homme Equus
    Loewe Solo Loewe
    Bulgari Pour Homme Extreme
    Creed GIT
    Serge Lutens Arabie

    *List may change very frequently due to the whim of author
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    - Ben -

    Top Five:
    Creed Royal Oud; Byredo Black Saffron; Etro Etra; Creed Aventus; Xerjoff Nio

    eBay: mississippi_rifleman
    Twitter: Cigar_Ben


    Stogie Review

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Jaipur Homme EDP
    D&G By Man
    D&G Pour Homme
    Guerlain Heritage
    Guerlain L'Instant
    Aramis Tuscany
    Aramis Havana
    SL Ambre Sultan
    SL Chergui

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Bulgari Black
    Body Kouros
    L'Eau D'Issey PH Summer 2006
    Bulgari Aqua
    Dune PH
    Burberry Touch
    Bulgari PH
    Guerlein Vetiver

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Bvlgari Black
    Armani Prive Bois d' Encens
    Gucci PH
    Caesars Man
    Tea for Two
    Emporio Armani He
    Azzaro PH
    Bois du Portugal
    Vintage Tabarome

    8 of these are in my wardrobe, tea for two, vintage tabarome are not yet so if you are looking for wardrobe only add:

    Voleur de Roses
    CDG Zagorsk

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Ok, once again off the top of my head (and likely to change at a moment's notice)

    Spazio Krizia Uomo
    Hermes Equipage
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Geo. F. Trumper Sandalwood Cologne
    Cartier Declaration
    Chanel Pour Monsieur (+Concentree)
    Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta
    Guerlain Heritage
    Terre de Bois
    Patou Pour Homme

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    I'll go Top 5.

    1 Bond Central Park
    2 Creed GIT
    3 Bond Hamptons
    4 Terre D'Hermes
    5 Calvin

    I'm hoping the Bleecker St. I have on the way might crack this list...

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Moschino Uomo

    Cacharel Pour Homme

    Versace L´Homme - Tried this in Italy recently - what a great forgotten classic, will write a review soon.

    Christian Dior Fahrenheit

    Acqua di Parma Colonia

    Ralph Lauren Safari

    Eau de Rochas Pour Homme

    Gianfranco Ferré Bergamotto Marino

    Aramis Devin

    Penhaligon´s English Fern


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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Montale Black Aoud
    C D Garcons Avignon
    L’Artisan Voleur de Roses
    Villoresi Piper Nigrum
    Knize Knize Ten

    Ed. Malle / Roudnitska Epices Noir
    Divine L’Homme Sage)

    Serge Lutens Arabie
    Caron Pour un Homme

    Lanvin Vetyver (l’original)

    I love these for the extra kick they give me. But it’s Guerlain, and those classical
    designer waters (from Italy and France) which get the most wearing.
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    'Il mondo dei profumi è un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    M7 - YSL
    Zino - Davidoff
    L'Eau D'Issey Homme - Issey Miyake
    Trussardi Uomo - Trussardi
    L'Instant Pour Homme Extreme - Guerlain
    Rochas Man - Rochas
    Magnetism for men - Escada
    Bois du Portugal - Creed
    Laguna Homme - Dali
    Xeryus - Givenchy

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Santos De Cartier
    Aramis Devin
    AOS Sandalwood
    Hermes Equipage
    Polo Crest
    Chanel Egoiste
    Habit Rouge EDC
    Rochas Lui
    keepin' it musky
    Currently wearing: Frapin 1270 by Frapin

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Creed GIT
    Amouage Dia
    Aramis Havana
    Guerlain Vetiver
    Rochas Man
    l'Artisan Passage d'Enfer
    Creed Bois De Portugal
    Boucheron Jaipur
    Geir Ness
    Richard James

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)


    Are you adding up all the responses?

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    Thumbs up Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    My top 10 for the warm weather we've been having lately (mostly in this order, subject to change without notice):

    1. Live Jazz
    2. Guess Men
    3. Mugler Cologne
    4. Guerlain Vetiver
    5. Millesime Imperial
    6. Kouros Fraicher
    7. Chrome
    8. Platinum Egoiste
    9. Silver Mountain Water
    10. Unbound
    Dave here.

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Terre d'Hermès
    Narciso Rodriguez for her
    Romeo Gigli Sud-Est
    Romeo Gigli Uomo
    Pierre Balmain Balman
    Eau Sauvage
    Jean Pascal
    Guerlain Héritage
    Gucci PH
    Edermyl pour homme

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    I smell something
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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    In no particular order:

    Jean Patou Sublime
    Caron Coup de Fouet
    Guerlain Heritage
    Shalimar parfum
    L'Artisan Parfumeur Dzing!
    Laura Biagiotti Roma
    MPG Ambre Precieux
    Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan
    Annick Goutal Sables
    Caron Aimez-Moi
    "I felt something so intense, I could only express it in a perfume." - Jacques Guerlain

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    Ask me again tomorrow...

    (in alphabetical order)

    Comme des Garçons (EdP)
    Dinner by Bobo
    Encens et Lavande
    L'Heure Bleue
    Le Parfum de Thérèse
    "Wovon man nicht lesen kann, darüber muss man schreiben."

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    Default Re: TOP 10 again? yes yes :) ;)

    In no particular order:

    DK Men (Fuel) Donna Karan
    Santos de Cartier Concentrée
    Sud Est Di Romeo Gigli
    The Third Man Caron
    Annick Goutal Vetiver
    Bois Du Portugal Creed
    Eau Lente Diptyque
    Nemo Cacharel
    Sander for Man
    Black Cashmere Donna Karan

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