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    Default impressions of Sienna

    One of my better blind buys. Not many reviews of this, but they're on the mark. It's a well blended fragrance, nothing really sticks out, but the composition is very powerful. There are some clearly recognizable citrus notes, but I am unable to identify any particular spice, there's just that overpowering melange of herbal and leathery impressions with a strong soapy-barbershop feel to them. A bit too much of the latter to become a favorite of mine, but it does what it does well. Clearly something for colder seasons. This 125ml will last centuries...

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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna


    I find Sienna to be very similar to Aramis's Devin.

    Here's the note pyramid for Devin. It wouldn't suprise me at all if Sienna had a very similar note structure:

    Top Notes
    Bergamot, Galbanum, Artemisia, Lemon

    Middle Notes
    Jasmin, Carnation, Pine, Thyme, Cinnamon

    Base Notes
    Leather, Olibanum, Cedarwood, Amber, Musk, Moss, Patchouli, Labdanum



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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    Thanks! Crabtree does not seem very communicative about their ingredients.

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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    My favorite of Crabtree's men's products. I have to be careful of overapplication, this one does have some staying power and the tobacco really comes out strongly in the drydown. I also use the Sienna shaving cream and am a fan. I find all of Crabtree's men's fragrances to be very refined. Good stuff.

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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    While I own the 100 ml EDT, I recently saw a cologne version of Sienna a local outlet with a differently designed bottle. I'm always hoping that Crabtree expands their offerings a bit, don't know if this cologne was something old or new (it is not on the C&E website, but the outlet I was at was brand new.)

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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    I have always liked this of my faves from this house. I had a large splash years ago and truly prefer the spray. This just seems to work better with the spray. A very nice scent for sure.

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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    The one I got (off ebay) is the older version with the coat of arms package, not the two late medieval jocks. 125 ml splash cologne. I will definitely decant some of this into an atomizer.

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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    Interesting that C&E selects its Nomad scent for a more extended line of products (e.g. travel packages and the like), as although it is decent, to this nose it is bested by both Sienna and Sandalwood. C&E is underrated here going by the relative lack of mentions any of these get...

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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    Heh, I *love* Nomad, like Sienna, and am impartial to Sandalwood. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. But I agree that, especially given the price, the C&E stuff gets less appreciation than perhaps it deserves around here.

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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    Nice to find some more C&E fans here - yes it is not very oft discussed here!

    I've not purchased either of Sienna or Sandalwood colognes, but the soaps in both of these lines are to die for! Best soaps around.

    (I love soap, also a fan of Roger and Gallet Vetiver and some L'Occitanes, but these two C&E are great).

    Hmmm... maybe I should consider buying these two colognes for casual spray ons, certainly cheaper than the average, and if the soaps are anything to go buy, good sniffs. The talk of good logevity above is also tempting me...

    Top 10 (not in order): Dunhill 1934, Dunhill Edition, Terre d'Hermes, Rive Gauche, Habit Rouge, Guerlain Vetiver, Knize Ten, Bois du Portugal, Vintage Tabarome, Green Irish Tweed

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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    Definitely second the Aramis Devin comparison. Calvin Klein Obsession is close as well. Sienna has a lot more personality and punch compared to Nomad, also I wasn´t crazy about their sandalwood, had some "kitchen spice" in there preventing it from reaching that mellowness that I require.
    Their shaving stuff is excellent albeit slightly overpriced.


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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    I tried all the C&E frags once, & my favorite was actually Sandalwood. I can't remember really what Sienna smells like, but I remember that Nomad reminded me a lot of Hugo.
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    Default Re: impressions of Sienna

    I'm not sure what Devin is like, but it reminds me much of a very dry Z-14 without any florals. Spice galore.

    A better name might be Arrakis.
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