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    Default Surprise find.. quite amazed..

    I was at one of the local malls yesterday... and since I was tired of browsing the typical department store counters (which really offer nothing of interest at all)... I browsed into the Yves Rocher store...

    I went into "their" fragrance section..and started sniffing around.. I came across some nice tea frags <meant for women> and a scent <can't place the name> that reminded me a "lot" of Boss Elements Aqua, but at a better price.... anyhow...

    What really hit me was when I approached a bottle.. a curved bottle that looked similar to Givenchy PH's egg shaped sister.. browner in colour... the scent was.. "Neonatura Coccoon".... I sprayed it on a card.. and me knees actually went weak... Though very different, I would say that this particular scent is in the same vein as Gaultier2.... or Musc Ravageur (only in the TYPE.. not saying either scent is identical to the other).. that thick, sticky, heavy... sexy sweet... the kind that makes you want to gnash your teeth into the bottle.. It actually started to send blood flow to parts of my body..that I didn't know existed..

    The scent is considered a "woman's frag" but if Gaultier2 can be called Unisex.. so can this, and quite honestly, I'd wear it in a hearbeat.. though I'd end up making a pass at myself (copyright, Leonard Cohen) after browsing the Yves Rocher website.. a price of $26 for 1.7 ml.. <considering its an EDP> is a very reasonable price.. for a fragrance that walks in the similar direction as some of the heavier saccharine oriental scents.. but will leave people guessing about what you're wearing.. Definately a fall and winter scent..

    Do yourself a favor, and at least check this scent out... it's been awhile since something at a mall counter kicked me like this..

    Mmmmm.. Neonatura....

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    Default Re: Surprise find.. quite amazed..

    I have been looking for this frag since last year but it's not sold in my country..and I don't want to buy from online retailers.

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    Default Re: Surprise find.. quite amazed..

    It reminds me so much on my beloved Borneo 1834 (the patch and choc), without the weird notes that make it so beautiful altough!

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    Default Re: Surprise find.. quite amazed..

    Plus it's on sale buy one get one free at the Yves Rocher website.

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    Default Re: Surprise find.. quite amazed..

    I have it and like it.

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    Default Re: Surprise find.. quite amazed..

    I own this too, and think what ever you like,but to me this is a blend between Musc Ravageur and Dior Homme. It`sour, powdery and smooth, and I can even sense some amimalic accords in there.
    Great stuff with easy hand on the trigger, but heavy hand will turn this very cloying imo.

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