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    Default Chergui - 1st wearing

    I wore Chergui to church with two small spritzes. I could not smell it after an hour and wife said it was nice, but close to the skin. So i just dabbed a small amount on the back of my hand with Chergui and the other with Miller Harris tabac to see how they compare in longevity. The chergui is more complex, slightly sweeter, but in an hour, we will see. I think the Miller Harris will be better for me, so I may be selling my Chergui to afford the Miller Harris. Yet I have some other samples coming, including Timbuktu and Absinthe from Lartisan, a couple of Malles and a few other Lutens. May even order Floris santal Who knows, but at least I have two that did well on me - The Tabac and the Divine L'Homme sage


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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    Is Chergui a very similar scent to Obsession?

    On initial application, Chergui seems more interesting and louder that the Tabac from Miller Harris

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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    I think that Chergui is one of the strongest frags I own. It projects pure sweetness all day. It is almost offensive to wear 4 sprays because it is so powerful. This is on my skin, of course.

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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    I'm with Envyus. This stuff lasts forever.

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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Giraffe
    I'm with Envyus. This stuff lasts forever.
    Yr good bud,


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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    Always interesting when this happens but I can get by with only one spray of Chergui and it projects for hours.

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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    Boy was I wrong. I dabbed a bit of chergui on the back of my hand and the other hand with Miller Harris tabac. After 4 hours, the Chergui is twice as "loud" if you will. Cant really smell the Miller Harris and Chergui smells like vanilla, or warmed honey.

    I dont know if the Ambre Sultan is ever on sale, but I might be getting Douce Amere or Arabie next since perfumebay has it for $60, which seams like a bargain. Any thoughts on those two or three?

    Also, if I get Floris santal since it is half price, will I be overlapping between the Floris Santal, the Eau Des Iles, Chergui and either Douce Amere, Arabie or Ambre Sultan?


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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    Go with Douce Amere. Arabie can be kind of medicinal at times. Douce is delightful IMHO.

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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    Im gonna sample some of the other SL including AMbre Sultan, I have some musk ravaguer, some Timbuktu and Fou Absinthe, and a couple of other scents.

    But Douce Amere ($60) and Floris Santal ($35) would be about as much as Ambre sultan alone. I am impressed with the longevity of the Chergui. I would say the rankings really help as far as that goes. It is strong after 6 hours on the back of my hand whereas I can not detect the Miller Harris Tabac. That means that for me, the Chergui would be a good office scent as I could smell it around 3 that afternoon vs. the Miller Harris being gone.

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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    Sometimes I do get a little Obsession from Chergui, but never much. I'm allergic to Obsession for men so I can't wear it. Chergui is far superior in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    I've never smelled Chergui bit sounds like it might resemble L'Air du Desert Marocain ?

    "Serge Lutens

    Chergui EDP 50ml

    Previously only available at Les Salons du Palais-Royal, Chergui is perfect for the most discerning of fragrance aficionados. Named after a dry, hot Moroccan wind, it blends honey, iris musk, amber, rose and sandal-wood. Bewitching. Divine. "

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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    Damn, y'all are going to make me have to wear Chergui tomorrow after all this talk.
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    Default Re: Chergui - 1st wearing

    Dan, they are actually quite different. The only thing they share really is that they're both in my top 10.

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