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    Default Burberry Brit Red smell-a-like?

    Does anyone know of a fragrance very similar to Burberry Brit Red? It's a special edition, so it's not going to be here forever. It also happens to be my favorite fragrance. Can anyone help me?

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    Default Re: Burberry Brit Red smell-a-like?

    Hi, sneakysnake, and welcome to Basenotes!

    To me Hypnotic Poison smells a bit like Burberry Brit Red, only more "feminine", softer and less spicy.
    BTW I think Red has been on the market for very long now, for a special edition (like it is). It`s not at all hard to find on the net, I`m wondering a bit if it`s going to be a part of their regular sortiment?

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    Default Re: Burberry Brit Red smell-a-like?

    it's very agressive red fruits oriental, anh nonestly i don't see anything that smells like it, maybe Chopard's Madness or Amor-Amor Elixir Passion
    La Science des Rêves

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    Default Re: Burberry Brit Red smell-a-like?

    I haven´t tried CdG Rhubarb yet, but tI think he rhubarb note is one of the things that stand out in Brit Red, so perhaps it might be worth checking out for you. But then there is also the rose/gingerbread/vanilla fuse that makes it eatable (and the sweet non-indolic jasmine note too, I´d say), and I don´t know where else to find that.

    Red is the one I like best of the Brits. I don´t think I will get more than a mini myself though, because I would really have to be in the mood for it. Some days it would just make me feel like I´ve overeaten rhubarb crumble with custard.

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