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    Default Annick Goutal boutique, Rotterdam

    The boutique started out as the special boutique for only Goutal scents
    but now it does also sells some other houses like Robert Piguet, Parfums Delrae and 06130 zéro six cent trente.

    It's the only dutch shop which sells the whole line of Goutal. for more information

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal boutique, Rotterdam

    Ah, yes, my beloved Annick! I love this store and am very friendly with the owner. It's one of my favorite places to go to and really be pampered with personal attention and passion. Anyone looking for a nice AG fragrance should definitely go here if they have the chance.
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    Unhappy Re: Annick Goutal boutique, Rotterdam

    I tried to mail them to the Netherlands for any samples but without reply. They never responded to my multiple mails.

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal boutique, Rotterdam

    They didn't respond my mails too.

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal boutique, Rotterdam

    I visited the shop yesterday and bought Mandragore However, it was a truly dissapointing experience in total. I politely enquired about samples, no luck: quite a shame. Upon the payment I was confronted with an extra surcharge for paying by a credit card. This is perfectly acceptable at a local grocery store, but not at a rather posh establishemt the place is trying to be. I would rather stay loyal to Annick Goutal online retailers next time.

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    Default Re: Annick Goutal boutique, Rotterdam

    The woman that runs this store has the worst SA attitude I've ever come across. Thank god I'm not a big fan of Annick Goutal because I wouldn't even buy food from her if she were the last store on earth.
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    Default Re: Annick Goutal boutique, Rotterdam

    The shop is called Lianne Tio parfums. I was walking past yesterday and saw that they have managed to get the Ormonde Jayne line across - quite a coup. However, an online comparison of prices showed that 50ml edp bottles are nearly 20 euro more expensive than if you were to buy them in London at the OJ shop. Shame!
    However, other lines carried here aren't really marked up much.
    I find the emphasis is a bit too heavily on the uber-expensive - Clive Christian, Puredistance, Grossmith.
    However, Ms Tio is quite charming and friendly if one starts chatting with her. She is passionate about her collection and at one point when I was visiting her when there was no one else in there she took me on a wonderful olfactory journey spraying paper touches with various delightful things for me to appreciate one by one.

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