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    Default oldies but goodies from Parfums Rigaud -the old paris house-

    ...Not to be confused with the newer jehanne rigaud parfums that are based now in grasse.

    The thing is, all of the scents i will post here are discontinued.
    There are some finds and when they appear -very rarely- on some selected auction houses they usually go for high prices.
    Rigaud (they dropped the "parfums" in the name) in france now sells scented candles and some room sprays.

    Hopefuly some of this naïve beauties will be revived again. They were very popular in the 20's.

    Eau de Kananga.
    Jasmin de Rigaud.
    Le Lilas de Rigaud.
    Eve Reve. -without the ê-
    Un air Enbaumé.
    Eau de Cologne Rigaud.
    Parfum Tendre.
    Laisser Dire.
    Doux Sourire.
    Près de Vous.
    Mary Garden Parfum.
    Pas Plus Chic.
    Vers la Joie.
    Lovely -yes, way before sarahJP

    happy hunting!
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    Exclamation Re: oldies but goodies from Parfums Rigaud -the old paris house-

    I had a bottle of Eau de Kananga around 1975. The bottle was very beautiful and classy: large, black with "dimples" all over pressed into the glass. Kananga means "ylang-ylang" yet I remember this fragrance being more spicy than floral.
    I loved it but my partner thought it smelled like bug spray! It certainly was unique.

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    Default Re: oldies but goodies from Parfums Rigaud -the old paris house-

    Resurrecting this thread because I happened to read the brand mentioned in a Diana Vreeland's book. There, in her usual excessive style, she tosses off her (likely uninformed) judgement that the two best male perfumes ever were Rigaud, Kananga and Eau Merveilleuse (actually, the book has merveilleux, I'd assume a misspelling). The first one must be the eau de, of which I just scored a mini on ebay, for curiosity. As howard was saying, no evident ylang ylang here, to my nose, it's a clean citrusy (lemon) with a touch of spices, drying down very clean and soapy. By all means, a classical clean barbershop scent, but nothing too special. (Indeed, DV remembers with fondness her male family guests in England, who supposedly smelled so clean). I haven't seen eau merveilleuse, though the only mention I found was of a standard citrusy cologne.

    (for those who wonder, the best perfume for women according to DV is Chanel no 5. Which allows her to toss off various anecdotes about Coco Chanel)


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