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    Default Anyone try Carthusia Numero Uno?

    I received a sample of this and am really liking it. Here's the description from Aedes: "The aromas of Sicily comprise the exhilarating Carthusia fragrance, Numero Uno. The tart burst of sun ripened orange and bergamot is accented with the aromatic mist of lavender and thyme. A spicy heart of ylang ylang and violet set against the glow of patchouli is resting on a weightless chypre base of myrrh, vetiver and musk. At once elegant and assertive, Numero Uno captures vividly the beauty of the islands that inspired it. "

    I'm not very good at describing fragrances, but what comes to mind as I sniff this: natural, elegant, sensual, well crafted, orange with soft spices and a clean musk base. Projection seems to be close to medium, with decent longevity. This is just from a wrist testing, I'll be giving it a full wearing today. It's been a while since I've smelled Creed's Orange Spice, but from memory I'd say it's kind of like it, with an overall softer effect, and more pronounced musk.
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    Default Re: Anyone try Carthusia Numero Uno?

    I own this (birthday gift from the BF, last year).

    First of all, I must say that I found a strong olfactory association smelling Numero Uno to two other scents: Colonia Assoluta by AdP and Mitsuoko by Guerlain.

    Having said that, I have smelled all three side-by-side and Numero Uno brings some differences to the table: A more toned-down lemon top note. Pronounced moss notes (actually, Numero Uno is the 'mossiest' scent I own, and I own a few fougeres). Wonderful sillage and longevity, in just a few sprays (I have a feeling this bottle will last me for quite a long while). A very formal scent - I have trouble spraying Numero Uno on when it's shorts and t-shirts, I feel slightly underdressed. The bottle is extremely heavy thick cut glass, feels very substantial and kind of resembles a bottle of cognac or single malt scotch. A class act. Lovers of Colonia Assoluta, Rive Gauche Pour Homme or even...Tuscany by Aramis will like Numero Uno.
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    Default Re: Anyone try Carthusia Numero Uno?

    I have a generous decant of this from costello and now that Im smelling it, my immediate association is Laura Tonnato's Albi. I haven't got that here right now for direct comparison, but it is quite a similar summery-fresh plus mossy composition with florals, spice and lavender. From memory I find Albi more refined, but these'll have to go one on one some day.
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    Default Re: Anyone try Carthusia Numero Uno?

    Not for me, this one, but I can see why it has such a strong cult following. It smells of old, stale perfume on me -- but perhaps this is due to the strong moss note that MPerez was talking about in the last post. My friend Barrett wore it out when we went dancing last night, and it smelled FABU on him. There's a powdery note in it that I can't quite put my finger on . . .

    MPerez is right, too, in positing that this one's a very formal scent -- I personally wouldn't THINK of wearing it with shorts and flip-flops. Very old school -- very Old World, in fact. I could see Hannibal Lecter favoring this one were he not so enamored of Santa Maria Novella -- very erudite, very European. (No, not cannibalistic -- just like Lecter otherwise, though.)

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    Default Re: Anyone try Carthusia Numero Uno?

    I don't have much to add to the excellent descriptions above except that it is one of my favorite fragrances for going out on a Summer's eve. It dries down more on the clean musk/myrrh side for me rather than the vetiver. I've found all Carthusia frags to be top notch, Italian-type and natural-smelling but some find them to be too simple (poor souls)--after the top notes fade they are as complex as most. It is an EDT but wears more like an EDP. The powdery note most likely is a result of the violet/ylang. Laura Tonnato (of Carthusia and solo) was a part of its inception. Refined and rustic but by no means a country bumpkin. Yeah, that's it, an Italian country dandy!

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    Default Re: Anyone try Carthusia Numero Uno?

    I just tried this today for the first time. I don't think I'll buy it, but I give it a thumbs up. On first application, I noticed its Italian "feel." It was also nice, light, refined, a bit aromatic. Because of its citrus and moss, I guess, it reminded me to a certain extent of Chanel pour Monsieur (I think a few other guys here have noticed that similarity). Later, the herbal quality and myrrh or something else came out, and it reminded me of a blend of CpM and Krizia Uomo, which has geranium and at least one herbal note. But, it was kind of tenacious on me. That says well for its longevity and sillage. I actually wished it would fade, but it didn't. So, I think many guys will be happy with this, but not quite what I'm looking for.
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    Default Re: Anyone try Carthusia Numero Uno?

    Quote Originally Posted by Spicemeister View Post
    It was kind of tenacious on me. That says well for its longevity and sillage. I actually wished it would fade, but it didn't. So, I think many guys will be happy with this, but not quite what I'm looking for.
    If you think Numero Uno is tenacious, try Carthusia's Ligea, it holds on to your skin like a pit bull with oponopax in its saliva.

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    Arrow Re: Anyone try Carthusia Numero Uno?

    I bought Numero Uno in Venice last month. I really liked it in the store but after I got it home and wore it once, it immediately started messing with my allergies. This must be really authentic, good stuff. If anyone is interested in buying a brand new bottle that's only been spritzed 2x let me know. PS I love the bottle.
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