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    Cool Some relaxed shopping

    My lovely being out with the girls, the chores of the day accomplished, the soothing aura of Cacharel pour L'Homme wafting around me (see the post "Happiness is...") , I enjoy the collective wisdom of the basenotes community and seek out some bargains on ebay - but I'm stress free, taking it as it comes, just having a good time and I finally wind up with some nice trophies acquired with mellow clicking. My focus was on discontinueds and hard-to-gets and as always I gauged my choices by referring to the many useful comments in the directory. So what do we have here:

    10ml of Tumulte, which I've been curious about ever since coming across the description.

    A bottle of Gigli's discontinued Sud Est, which I found really intriguing, since I love mediterranean herbal notes.

    Jil Sander, Background, another one of those elusive scents. I loved the original Man Pure as well as for Man and have always wanted to try this. Only a miniature, but very happy to have that.

    Well, I had bought Parfum Sacré, because it's such an enchantingly old-fashioned rose scent, beautiful just to smell, though I doubt I'll wear it and certainly my beloved won't. And today I could not resist picking up Aimez-moi by Caron. My wife is not much into perfumes, but she can have this if she wants it. I got the gorgeously shaped bottle with the blue cap. A pleasure just to look at. And could you have said no after reading those reviews?

    Last but not least, I finally got a Comme des Garcons, "3" seeming like a good choice for getting to know these guys better. I consider this quite a good bargain (15 Euros for a 75ml with 60 ml left in it)

    And now I shall happily retire with a glas of Glenlivet French Oak.

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    Default Re: Some relaxed shopping

    Sometimes life is good isn't it? I enjoy (smelly)shopping with my little family too. My wife isn't into perfumes also, just like yours, but my two little daughters (10 and 5)are pickin up my bad habit real quick.
    ooks like you grabbed some bargains there.I like Cacharel p.h. also, you made me wanna repurchase it. And I sampled and liked the Tumulte also. it's not released here yet, I think. It's close to Tam Dao, real nice.Background, Pure. All winners in my book.
    Keep on shopping and enjoy your purchases!

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