Just had the presentation of Stella In Two!
Peony (eau de toilette)
The fragrance: a woody peony
COOL - peony, black pepper
VERY "IN" - Patchouli, wood, amber
more commercial then the first Stella

The bottle: a vintage squared bottle, in a pink dégradé

Amber (solid perfume)

The solid perfume can be put ON the eau de toilette to make it unique, or worn it by itself for a sexy impression

The body line: bio, made of fig extract
After the Stella body line succes, they are currently preparing the release of a bio skincare line for 2007.

And by mixing the eau de toilette with the solid perfume you get...the first Stella eau de parfum !

The concept is very innovating, I think, the customer has the opportunity to create and mix his own fragrace, the bottles, the packaging and the ad are amazing. They are sold separately, and I wonder how many of the customers are gonna mix the Amber with another of their perfumes!