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    Smile Citrylis, a perfume just for me

    When I joined basenotes a couple of months ago one of the nicest welcomes was by Mike Storer, whom you all know as the creator of Monk, Il Giardino and Djin. I had written how I was into citrus scents and soon found a friendly message in my inbox offering to make me a perfume, just for the fun of it (I guess Mike really loves what he's doing.) Needless to say I was kind of overwhelmed, flattered and extremely curious.

    Well, just a short time later a little package from LA arrived in small-town Friedberg/Germany and besides some samples of Mike's fragrances, there was a blue apothecary's bottle containing: Citrilys for Tom.

    I let it settle for a while, then I started looking for an atomizer, which I got at last and then I started sniffin' and sprayin.' Now, I would not have mentioned any of this, if I had not liked Citrylis, or found it merely OK. But after devoting some time to it, I can honestly say I think it's great - considering it was put together rather quickly and for kicks it's actually brilliant. And I'm not saying this because it's MY perfume . It passes the all-important can't-stop-smelling-my-wrist acid test. It intrigues me. It sparkles.

    So what's it like? To begin with, I don't know the ingredients, though I'm asking Mike for details after I give this account. Or you can just post here, if you like, Mike.
    My first association is red citrus. don't ask me why, it just smells "red" to me. More like blood orange, tangerine skin, pink grapefruit than lemon. Also some very high-pitched green citrus in there, it's a powerful, energetic citrus blast. Love it. I'm also guessing bergamot, something in there reminds me of ice tea.
    It smells young. It has a certain synthetic edge to it that cries "cool threads". I would wear Monsieur Balmain with my silk Daniel Hechter blazer, but this calls for my Surface to Air jeans and an extravagant shirt. And a few pounds less around my belly, ahem.
    It has excellent longevity for a citrus and it holds those fresh notes all the way into the drydown. A persistent pure citrus, just what I was looking for.
    This is just my personal opinion, but I like Mike's Citrylis better than quite a number of "young and fresh" perfumes I've tried, that are simply boring and dull by comparison: fcuk him, d by dunhill, Agua de Loewe, High Speed by Bogner, Montana Green. In fact I prefer it over Concentrée d'Orange Verte, which quickly turns kind of musty on me because of the basil. So my suggestion would be to keep tweaking this and it might just be "DA BOMB". I'm a fan as it is.

    Many thanks to Mike and his talented nose for this wonderful gift. I'm going to wear it on special occasions only.

    This really is the good life
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    Default Re: Citrylis, a perfume just for me

    I've had the pleasure of visiting Mike's "design studio" (it's actually more of a work desk with hundreds of arcane little bottles with esoteric names on shelves) and sampled some of his experiments.

    Very fun!

    Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll release this one!

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    Default Re: Citrylis, a perfume just for me

    Mike's a very talented and easy to talk to guy. I'm a proud owner of Monk, and hope someday to try new creations by him, so I hope he doesn't sign some exclusive Asian contract I remember hearing about.
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    Default Re: Citrylis, a perfume just for me

    Mike has also made me my own. He named it "A pastry shop for Jesse" It is a rather unconventional gourmand, but excellent! The longevity is amazing with the stuff he made me, and it indeed, holding true to its name, smells like a pastry shop.

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    Default Re: Citrylis, a perfume just for me

    Mike is a VERY kind and helpful person. He never hesitates in helping anyone who asks, and recommends whatever is needed (for perfumemaking - on jenny's yahoo ring - Jenny being another very helpful person), apart from that, without any thought for profit, he kindly and wholeheartedly offers his advise. Now is a good time to say it, so Thanks Mike!

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