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    Default Welcome to the Jungle!

    Hi, my name is Zapplez, Im a 18 year old man and I just got into fragrances. A few months ago I got a recommendation to get "Vetiver" by Guerlain and that was my first step into fragrances as a hobby. Just recently I've came into some money and made a bunch of new purchases. I'll be updating this thread with my impression of what I've bought.

    From you, the experienced members, I would love to hear suggestions about new scents I would like, when it's best to wear the certain fragrances, and any other tips!

    So, to begin

    Vetiver by Guerlain

    An ok scent, I love the vetiver note, really good drydown, but in general it is simply bland.. not enough change and ive found sillage to be poor. I feel that this scent is simply too stale and old for my personality. 3 / 5

    Burberry Brit by Burberry

    I really like this! A very interesting combination of powders and florals yet maintains a distinct masculinity. 4 / 5

    Joop! Homme by Joop

    Wow... all I can say is crap. I like to experiment with lots of different scents, male/female marketing is really not a factor to me. My personality also is confident enough I feel I can pull of nearly any unisex scent, but this is just disgusting. It smells of rancid cherry cough syrup, no noticable other notes, just crap . 0 / 5

    XS by Paco Rabane

    Simply a joy ride, I really enjoy the different notes in the drydown, the juniper note is great! I feel I can wear this anywear, casual enough for parties, professional enough for work, interesting enough to appeal to the ladies. 4 / 5

    Reaction by Kenneth Cole

    PARTY! This is what I wear when I just want the reaction from women. They love the fruit top notes and so do I. Very easy to wear, wish the mid and bottom notes had more of an interesting scent. 4 / 5

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    Default Re: Welcome to the Jungle!

    Welcome to basenotes, Zapplez!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a few to try for you.
    First, we have Black Code from Armani. It is a wonderful scent and has that powder you like. It is a sweet evening fragrance but I wear it all the time and it works. It is wildly popular and is loved by girls, if that is your thing.
    Next, is Live Jazz from YSL. It is a lovely fresh/citrus. Perfect for summer time, which is winding down but that's ok. It is good for your age and not so popular for the fresher scents so it will give you a little more of a unique quality.

    Those are it for now.
    Some tips about when to wear:
    Whenever you want to wear it, wear it.
    Some prefer lighter citrus/fresh/aquatics for the summer because they work well in the heat. Heavier fragrances get cloying. They are thick and feel gross when your body pours out sweat.
    Cool climats for orientals and heavy wooded fragrances because they warm you up. Cold air and Citrus notes don't really mix well for me. Vanilla is a great winter note.

    Glad to see you here. Hope this helps!!
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    Default Re: Welcome to the Jungle!

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Hm, it looks like you might like a sweet oriental or something floral, so, maybe give Dior Homme a test.

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    Default Re: Welcome to the Jungle!

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisW
    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Hm, it looks like you might like a sweet oriental or something floral, so, maybe give Dior Homme a test.
    I agree with ChrisW concerning Dior Homme. Check out the many good reviews for Dior Homme in the Basenotes Directory here:

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