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    Default Armani Code/Black Code

    Is this one and the same fragrance, or two different ones? I see it listed as one in the directory, but one website had Black Code with apple and no other site did. Also, give me some thought as to other common colognes it may mimic. Is it a year round, dressy or casual?

    I am thinking of having this as a Saturday morning scent, not heavy in Winter like my Cherqui

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    They're the same thing. Name was changed officially from Armani Black Code to Armani Code sometime in 2005. I have no info on why. Maybe because of the glut of "Black" fragrances coming out around that time. Kenneth Cole BLACK, Bulgari BLACK, Polo BLACK, and so on. Maybe they wanted more distinction when a uninformed fragrance purchaser came calling for that BLACK stuff they liked on somebody.

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    Default Re: Armani Code/Black Code

    Or because all the whackjobs following the Clinton politically correct liberal craze thought it was degrading to african americans. :/

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    Default Re: Armani Code/Black Code

    Well I have this one and to me it's an I'm too tired/ina hurry/bored/whatever to choose something frag. It's basically tonka musk. To me it smells similar to brit although less complex. Boss soul although slightly more complex. If the olive flower or for that matter any other note in the frag were more integral it could be really super nice. As is it's just about the most innoffensive fragrance I own. Some people have longevity problems but I've never had one. The Tonka train keeps a chuggin.

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    It does last a good while for a relatively subtle sort of scent. Fills the room with its cloud for the first 15 minutes though. And it did get a little boring after using it regularly, yet I appreciate the understated nature of it. Took only the post 90 degree temps to stop wearing this light oriental where I live though. Not many orientals can work their magic at those temps. Just a very pleasant and comforting scent for me.

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