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    Default L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Someone compare this for me, or contrast it, with Chergui or Fumerie Turque. Longevity and Sillage as well


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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    I find this to have longevitiy and sillage to rival any Lutens scent. To me it is very similar to Ambre Sultan - nothing like Chergui or Fumerie Turque.

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    It's an amber dominant scent. It's somewhat of a sweet, bright amber scent. Baron's right in that it does more closely resemble Ambre Sultan than any of the others. It's very nice and quite strong though. I didn't get any of the smokiness or darkness of Churgui, or especially Fumerie Turque.

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Paul, I am looking for a fall scent to compliment my Eau Des Iles. I tired of Piper Nigrum, sold it, and may have to bring it back. I have been wearing either MI or GIT every day since April. Eau des Iles is better for me when it gets less than 70 degrees, maybe even less than 60, which means starting mid October. Im not into leather scents, patchouli is ok (Gentleman by Givenchy is OK on me) and powder/vanilla is a no no. Obsession was ok, Lagerfeld, the Safari and original Perry Ellis. I like it to last (chergui was good about that, Miller Harris not too good after 4 hours). You seemed to like what I did a few years ago. Oh, and Vetiver (guerlains was the worst) and earthy rose (Voluer de Roses) are no nos.

    Im thinking Noir Epices, Piper again, Maybe this L'Air, and Fumerie are gonna be the bets. What's your call.

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    I love this scent, and do not think it compares well to any Lutens scent, much less the two you've mentioned. While it may have some amber in it, it is not nearly as deep, sweet, or luxurious as Ambre Sultan. To me, L'Air du Desert Marocain is evocative of the desert southwest, with a dominant dry cedar or mesquite note. In this way, it is more like Gucci PH or Rush than any Lutens' creation. I definitely plan to add a bottle of L'Air du Desert Marocain to my collection.


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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    I just got my first bottle(blind) of it after someone(?) spoke highly of it in another thread. I d/k the frags you mentioned but I can say it' blew me away from the first spray--top notes to its long drydown. It last's all day on me and that's a good thing! It's the desert in Morocco without the camel dung :

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    L'Air is in my top 5. I think it is probably the sexiest scent of all time. Amazing stuff. I don't get quite as much lasting power as the other posters in this thread, but it certainly isn't bad. Here is what I get out of the scent: Some light citrus in the top that quickly gets joined by some dry, extremely natural smelling woodsy notes (perhaps cedar and sandalwood) that combine into something incredible. Gets sweeter as it dries down, but never gets to be all that sweet. It has medium sillage, which imo is perfect for a seductive scent. It is definately evocative of desert air. I believe I have a review of it in the directory. Oh, and it isn't all that much like any Lutens scent I have smelled. It isn't quite as dense, and is less sweet than the likes of Chergui. Less ambery and medicinal that Amber Sultan, but I can see at least some similarity there but I wouldn't go by it.

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    One of my top three. The best word that I can find to describe it is "resinous". Not quite woody, but more like a concentrated spice/incense/wood that is baking in desert sun kind of scent. It is sort of one dimensional in that is doesn't seem to evolve through top - mid - and base, but that is ok with this scent because it seems so complex. It doesn't really sweeten throughout the day, but as the resin wears off after about 5 hours, the sweet amber becomes more obvious and it seems sweeter because of this.

    Longevity is all day. Strength is one or two sprays. Sillage is just right - not overpowering, but present around you. In fall and winter it will be perfect.

    Trust me, you need this frag.

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    Smile Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    This fragrance grew on me. L'Air du Desert Marocain took some getting used to. I like it-- wouldn't say I love it. Now, w/o moving to a different subject, Lonestar Memories I love. It's love at first sniff!
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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    This stuff rocks! It is dry and spicy and lasts forever. It is classified here as a female frag but I do not see that.

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Is very very very strong....... 2 days in my skin.
    Ambre Sultan is very similar
    One of my top ten

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Quote Originally Posted by stuigi
    This stuff rocks! It is dry and spicy and lasts forever. It is classified here as a female frag but I do not see that.

    I agree, could this have been an error while entering the info? I see this possibly as unisex, but leaning more towards the masculine side.

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Is this scent and Fumerie very similar? I have heard they are and if so, I need to pick one or the other

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    There may be some note similarities but LDDM is much more subtle and it lasts forever.

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Yes, I tried the L'Air last night and it is more subtle than Ambre Sultan. But AS lasted longer and stronger on me. Going on, L'Air is the more likeable scent, not as harsh and that cummin in AS really stands out. About 3 hours into it, it starts to change, the AS that is, and it mellows and just has this creaminess to it while the L'Air is a drier scent. Neither is a FBW cologne.

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Shame you feel that way about l'Air, ff. I think it's a masterpiece.

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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Since its launch in Zurich I have known this ‘perfume for her and him’. And from the start I have felt attracted to the floral-fruity-spicy variation on amber, partly because there are not many ambery fragrances that men can choose from (Armani’s Ambre Soi and Montale’s Blue Amber are still to be found), and the other reason was that also I noticed the similarity of notes perceived from L’Air and Ambre Sultan (which I love). While such vicinity cannot possibly scratch on the nobility of Ambre S. it certainly helps to lift the image of this little newcomer and his ambitious creator.

    The scent has good sillage (I believe, I am never quite sure, people can be so polite)! It lasts very well and the price tag looks attractive! Why do I hesitate any longer? Well, I think I know now: It is the chocolate box lesson. Too much candy spoils your fun at dinner time! I seem to pick up the sweetness of L’air more than others. And that is a dangerous quality in scents for me. Nice as it may be for a while, I usually feel uncomfortable after an hour or two. Nothing like that happens when I wear Ambre Sultan which I find much darker and somewhat better behaved. In a totally unobtrusive way this scent keeps sending varied scent signals to my nose. Not really an extrovert myself, Sultan suits me better, I think.

    Upon reading various reviews I tried a direct wrist comparison of both. I do not know how you guys do that – other than picking up impressions directly from the skin (which are not representative) I could not possibly compare. L’Air itself demanded all the space around me, and Ambre S became but a grey shadow of itself! All other times when I wear Ambre S alone, the balance of not noticing / noticing it in the air is just perfect for me. Should I make a paper strip comparison the following day?
    The day after this exercise I had to think no further. The answer came from within: I had forgotten to select any scent in the morning, and that has not happened in two years. When I became aware of it at lunch time, I still felt no desire to change the situation: L’air had tired me out !
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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    I get from Ambre Sultan the harshness of the cummin for a good bit, say two hours? Then as it goes, I get creamier and creamier and after 8 hours, the Ambre is easier to detect. Of the two, I would get Ambre over the L'Air. I do agree that the Ambre is a darker scent, which to me is good.


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    Default Re: L'Air du Desert Marocain

    Call me crazy, but to me L'air much more resembles a Guerlain than a Serge Lutens. I smell shades of L'air in scents such as Heritage and Mitsouko, among others.

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