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    Default Anyone try Axe's EDT?

    Screw the pheremonal/psychosexual BS- how does it smell? Anybody tried it?

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    Default Re: Anyone try Axe's EDT?

    I had the misfortune of encountering this at a Wal-Mart yesterday. There were only about half of number of bottles that the display could hold, meaning either it's been selling like mad, or they just didn't get a lot (but the tester was about half-full, meaning it's probably been selling). Here's my take.


    Ok, it's an order of magnitude better than the body sprays, but that's not saying much. It smacks you in the face with this massive "fresh" accord blast that reminds me a lot of Acqua di Gio (I think that's what they were going for). There's a mellon note that is a lot closer to musk mellon (or "cantaloupe" for us Americans...) than watermellon and the like in scents like KC Reaction. To me, it smells a bit synthetic and really stands out from rest of the fragrance. It dies down a bit after about 20-30 minutes, at which point it seems a bit more harmonious (don't be mislead, that doesn't mean it's good). I'm sure it will do incredibly well as it is so mainstream, not to mention its wonderful back-to-school release timing. It really may not be a horrible summer scent, and I applaud that Axe is actually trying, but it'd be nice if it was a unique and daring scent. It's not.

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    Default Re: Anyone try Axe's EDT?

    I'll admit to being curious, they certainly have the money to make a decent cologne, i just doubt they feel the need to, seeing as how well their shitty sprays sell.

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    Default Re: Anyone try Axe's EDT?

    Tried it yesterday. It really just smells like a stronger version of their body spray.

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