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    Default Pick My Fragrance

    Dinner Party this Evening.

    Heres what I got:

    Habit Rouge
    Floris Santal
    GFT Sandalwood
    Bay Rum
    GFT Scent of Limes
    Daim Blond
    Douce Amere
    Escada PH
    Fou d' Absynthe
    Merchant Loup
    L'Eau de L'artisan
    Chrome by Azzaro
    Onyx by Azzaro

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    Default Re: Pick My Fragrance

    Oh my, what nice choices you have. I would throw the L'Anarchiste out the window though. Wear that and you are likely to make everything think you just killed someone and thier blood is still on you somewhere. Chrome by Azzaro just aint gonna stand out. Escada PH is a possibility. I hear that Daim Blond is a bit feminine so scratch that. YOU WANT TO MAKE A STATEMENT! GIT and Himalaya, a bit overplayed and over rated I think. So I will suggest either Navegar (but you may need to re-aply because of bad longevity) CHERGUI (my all time favorite) or Pi (the vanilla like sillage king)

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    Default Re: Pick My Fragrance

    Mechant Loup!

    It is something new for them to smell. It is amazing and doesn't clash with food. I've tried it. It will make a bold statement but not too bold. It doesn't project too much so you'll need some close contact.

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    Default Re: Pick My Fragrance

    Navegar for a dinner party. You want discretion and food appreciation to ensue.
    Second choice Mechant loup or Habit Rouge discreetly.

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    Default Re: Pick My Fragrance

    A dinner party wouldn't be complete w/o a nice helping of Pi
    " David Bowie really God?" - Penelope Garcia

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    Default Re: Pick My Fragrance

    habit rouge applied lightly
    "Dont try to be original. Be simple. Be good technically, and if there is something in you, it will come out. - Henri Matisse.

    "Wear R de Capucci" - Hirch Duckfinder


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    Default Re: Pick My Fragrance

    Merchant Loup, Floris Santal, or Escada PH.

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    Default Re: Pick My Fragrance

    Douce Amere

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