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    Has anyone bought anything from, I placed an order seven days ago and haven`t heard anything from them. They have also failed to reply to emails which is bloody annoying . Their website claims to despatch all orders within 48 hours, take that claim with a pinch of salt . does anyone know this company and is this normal for them.
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    Just checked
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    I've ordered from them twice with no significant problems at all. Overall satisfaction and customer service are just average. Prices there are a bit high, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandalwood
    Prices there are a bit high, though.
    They have some great deals on the CSP line though ... here ...

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    I ordered my first ever Creed samples from them about five years ago, then also got my first bottle of Erolfa there before I was wise to other places to score the good stuff. Their prices are high, and I do recall a somewhat "snippy" customer-service attitude on the phone... but they were righteous with the free samples of Amouage.


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    I've ordered fromthem several times. They've always delivered adequately. Some of their prices are quite high but they also have some real bargains--you have to search for them, though.

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    I have also ordered from them; fast shipping however it was the wrong product. I also have experienced no reply and no email response in trying to get an exchange...not sure what is going on.

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    Finally got a response,they`re out of stock. Now at least I know which is something;
    thanks for the feedback guys

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