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    Default a basenotes vacation + re: possibly underrated etiquette here

    I really need to tear myself away from delectable seductive basenotes for awhile cause it's really getting in the way of my work and I have a deadline. . . and I waste - er - spend - far too much time here that I enjoy immensely and just hope I don't have too much difficulty staying away for several weeks.



    I do want to say, in light of this recent post about "overrated scents" that one thing I really appreciate about this board is the lack of backbiting and one upsmanship and the general politeness and respect for each other that I've observed in this particular online community. So many similar efforts devolve into these obnoxious pissing contests between aficianados. It's really refreshing chez basenotes.

    I do sense that poor Mark Birley is going to get hammered, but that's ok (y'buncha Dzing! Mechant Loup Fou d'Absinthe l'artisan creed fascists!)... Seriously, though, do your worst and I look forward to reading it later. A good deal of what's here I am miles from being able to understand, but it's been a little dangerous education in a few weeks that I cherish and I look forward to coming back for more.
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    Default Re: a basenotes vacation + re: possibly underrated etiquette here

    I've enjoyed reading all your messages and checking out your muscles, sm. Don't be gone for too long.

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