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    Default Frag shopping initial impressions Antidote, London, Gaultier2

    Okay, I am apologizing in advance for my less than
    eloquent post here (I am typing this on a sidekick).
    I went fragrance shopping yesterday with intentions to
    purchase. I had the oportunity to try Antidote,
    London, and Gaultier2.
    None of these blew me away but I would say Antidote
    was the best of the bunch. The best way for me to
    describe it is with a comparison. It reminded me of
    Burberry Brit for Men minus the ginger and with a
    little bit of wood to it. Seriously, the first
    thought that came to mind was if you gave Brit for Men
    the B*men treatment (like A*men received) it would smell like this. I liked
    it but I would have to give it another go before I
    would consider purchasing this. I like something with
    a little more oomph for fall. It could definitely be used for all seasons. I will definitely sample
    it again. My friend thought it was very nice (he likes
    fresh light scents) and he said he would consider
    buying this.
    Burberry London was a dissapointment. The wine (or brandy) note
    that has been discussed reminded me of actual grape skin
    and was no more than a fleeting top note, and the base
    was a bit of a playdough wood kind of smell. Not real
    special to me.
    Gaultier2 reminded me of what a creme soda bottle cap
    smells like. It has that artificial vanilla smell
    with a hint of an effervescence (sp?). It is real
    simple but I could see this doing well with people who
    want something noticeable for school or the club. I
    would personally save 50 dollars and purchase Diesel
    Zero for something in the same vein.
    Again, these are initial impressions, I smelled probably 15
    different colognes so aside form Antidote, the others
    were sniffed with an already taxed sniffer. I will
    post if the impressions change.

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    Default Re: Frag shopping initial impressions Antidote, London, Gaultier2

    Great post and delightful reviews to read, Snakesandladders. No need to worry that you're less than eloquent. Keep up the great work!
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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