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    Default Interesting Lutens double test - a two roomed tent

    Very very interesting stuff. I had Arabie on one wrist and Fumerie Turque on the other. The front room of the tent (Arabie) held huge brass trays laden with kebab and figs and couscous and all sorts of wonderfully spiced things. Could actually smell the meat though it was not in a raw animalic state, just nicely grilled and substantial. I'm really tempted to put this one in the "gourmand" category of fragrances because it made me so hungry for middle eastern food. A feeling of comfortable satiation and hospitality with this fragrance.

    Fumerie Turque? The curtain separating the two rooms us drawn aside and you are ushered into someone's very private quarters, there to sprawl gracefully on silk pillows and lazily draw on the shisha and contemplate the blue smoke rising. Much more languid than Arabie. Very quiet opening really breaks out into something nice and plush after about 20 minutes on skin.

    I think FT is probably an easier scent for a woman to wear but the Arabie is a little harder hitting in its opening impression, sort of like Chene, an envronmental - evocative of a specific place rather then just an overall mood.
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    Default Re: Interesting Lutens double test - a two roomed tent

    I have different perceptions, I find Arabie gender neutral because it gets feminine on a woman and perfect for the right man, I only imagine a handsome persian mediterranean male with deep dark eyes wearing Arabie.
    Fumerie Turque opening is difficult for a woman but the drydown is harder on a man, a little too sweet maybe for a guy...I love Fumerie Turque and can 't wait its export this coming winter.

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    Default Re: Interesting Lutens double test - a two roomed tent

    I also find Arabie gender neutral. It was candied figs and some other note that just was a blast - kinda like how methol in hair shampoos can hit you with that ultra shot of coolness. Fumerie is a bit more floral at first and then the smoke hits. Being a man, I get concerned that it may be girlie, but wearing fumerie on one hand and Ambre Sultan on the other, Fumerie just seems so mysterious, beautiful, enveloping. I love it and plan on a bottle


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