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    Default masculine scent

    I am in need of a masculine scent similar to Creed's Vintage Tabarome. I also like the Musc Ravageuer by Frederick Malle. I have also been using the Musc Koublai Khan by Serge but it does not have alot of staying power. Would you please suggest something along these lines


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    Sorry it took me so long to reply!

    Third Man (Caron) is a really nice masculine scent IMO -- you might try buying a sample from somebody at BN. As far as the Muscs not staying on very long, be sure you use enough. I think part of my problem with frags flying off me at first was that I was using really small amounts of everything. Check with friends if you're concerned about whether you're using too much of something. As they say, if you're wearing too little, there's no point in all this!

    Good luck, and keep trying new things --

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    I haven't found anything like Vintage Tabarome. Cuba Red has a lot of tobacco though and it is dirt cheap; give it a shot!
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