Occasionally talk pops up about gothic fragrances, but I've yet to see talk about the ultimate Grand Guignol smell. There's a difference between the gothic, which is characterized by being dark, shadowy, and moody, and has its origins in English literary culture, and Grand Guignol, the over-the-top, blood-drenched macabre originating in the Parisian theater of the same name. (Often these plays would have a sexual element mixed in with them, too.) The former is psychological; the latter is distinctly physical. While the ultimate expression of a gothic fragrance may be the cold, forelorn garden Après l'Ondée or the dank crypt of Messe de Minuit, what fragrances express that darker, more bloody side of the human experience?

I would say Alexander McQueen's Kingdom stands as the textbook definition of a Grand Guignol scent. Thick, slightly stomach-turning, sexual, fleshy, heavy as velvet curtains. There are neroli notes, fresh and bright, trapped as innocents in a mire of filthy indoles. The scent twists as it changes through its many acts and has a distinctive smell as carnelian as fresh-spilled blood. It just has all the elements of the perfect Grand Guignol story.

So what do others here wear to let out their inner Sweeney Todd? What smells Grand Guignol to you? (I have a feeling that the women will get most of this fun. Men's scents are just so darned reserved...)