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    Default Nicolai New York

    Is this powdery? Can someone describe it better and maybe compare or contrast it with Floris Santal? I ask because Beauty habit has it and they have free shipping for another day over $65.


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    Default Re: Nicolai New York

    Well, I ordered it already. And gonna order the Miller Harris Tabac from Vijay, if he carries it

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    Default Re: Nicolai New York

    New York is a less harsh version of Bois du Portugal. Since BdP is quite well liked here, I wouldn't be surprised if New York turns out to be a contender.
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    Default Re: Nicolai New York

    I swapped away PDN last year, what a stupid mistake that was. It's a masterpiece.
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    Default Re: Nicolai New York

    And I liked Bois du portugal and my wife did not, kinda barbershop/soapy she thought. I liked that it was a tad sweet but not much

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    Default Re: Nicolai New York

    There was this thread I initiated a while ago comparing BdP with new York. If you dig it up, you'll be able to read other fellas' opinions as well.
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    Default Re: Nicolai New York

    Not that it matters now, but I have read conflicting info. Is New York Eau de Toilette or Eau de Parfum>

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    Default Re: Nicolai New York

    It's listed on Luckyscent and Beautyhabit as an EDT
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    Default Re: Nicolai New York

    New York is similar to the classic Guerlain scents Mitsouko and Jicky, but a bit more spicy and angular. It also reminds me a bit of Chanel PM Concentree, though I didn't really like Concentree and love New York.

    I think New York is one of the most versatile scents I know. It work in any season save the hottest days of summer, and it can be worn formally or casually. To paraphrase Luca Turin from one of his less eloquent moments, it belongs to the class of men's scents that "just smell good."

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    Default Re: Nicolai New York

    To me it's moire formal than casual. It is a classic in turns of its development and goes on a journey from top to bottom. It's one you have to sniff for yourself - some might regard it as old fashioned, whilst others as perfection. I'm wearing it today in honour of this thread.

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