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    Wink Montales + CDG Fragrance Shopping

    I had to head downtown for an appointment so I decided to do a little fragrance sniffing while I was there. I don't know if you guys heard but Montale has a new scent in the Aromatic Line called Roses Musk.They also had a new one called Aoud Velvet but the SA told me that they just renamed Velvet Flower and I think they added an Aoud note. I'm not too sure but the SA said something like that, I lost a little focus sniffing stuff while she was talking.

    I was hoping I'd enjoy Roses Musk...I mean...what's not to like. You got musk, which is sexy and you got roses...and everyone loves roses. Honestly, It wasn't bad but nothing really on the WOW factor. Now Aoud Velvet was really nice, I thought about walking away with a bottle but it was slightly feminine. I like it but I don't think I could pull off wearing it. It's know when you smell a perfume and a color pops in your mind...well that's what happened with me & Aoud Velvet. I couldn't make the connection until I say the purple label on the Montale Bottle. The color purple pops in my mind and it has this sexy fell like the fabric.

    The perfume testing was nice, I really didn't get a chance to try the other things that I wanted because I was stuck trying the whole Montales line but I heard they're bringing in Clive Christian soon, so I might go back then. I also started talking to this one guy. He was from New Orleans and visiting. He seemed really knowledgeable and he talked a lot about Frederic Malle and even quoted him. I think he was going to New York next for perfume shopping. He knew so much about perfumes that I was going to ask if he was a basenoter but I kind of chickened out.

    There was also this one girl that needed help deciding between two scents and wanted a man's opinion. She did this really funny thing with me. She told me to smell the inside of her elbows and I said "okay". Then she said her wrist and I told her what I thought about it. Then she through in this, "smell my shoulder" so she can get me to lean into her chest. She gave out a nice laugh and I was a little embarrassed to fall for it, but it was all fun. I had a great time and ended up buying Montale Black Aoud and the SA ended up giving me four other Montale samples, I think all Montales including Roses Musk and Aoud Velvet so I can test them out later.

    So..I told you about not getting the chance to test everything I wanted, because I really wanted to try some CDG. I've been dying to go since I heard about it this one place that carried the line, but I never really had the chance to go. This place was slightly strange because it was actually a high end street clothing store with a very tiny perfume section. The store was gigantic in size, really nice architecture, but one was in that was freaky. Only two SA's, one working the second floor and the other down below.

    So I say the short funky haired blonde come up to me. She was dressed in all black with a this bohemian/vintage style going on, and from talking to her, she was from New Zealand.

    She comes over and I tell her that I really wanted to try Series 2 & 3. She actually knew a lot about perfumes and I was amazed...even talked about the frankincense note found in Avignon. I was hoping to buy Sequoia but they ran out of bottles, but they had Rose, Palisander & Carnation. At this point my nose just was getting over used. I tested out a whole bunch of stuff and finally narrowed it down to Kyoto. I decided to walk around the store a little, check out the store. They had a nice store...and they even had some photography books. I was checking them out and smelling my wrist now and then. So..I finally decided to leave with Kyoto. I really like it a lot, and even put some on right after I bought it.

    I also started talking with the SA ...I asked what she liked and wore and said that she really liked Kyoto but doesn't wear it as she finds it masculine but she wears Sequioa, Guerilla 2 & CDG 3. She wanted to know my taste so I pulled out the Black Aoud that I just bought and told her to smell it. It was really funny because I've never opened up a Montale bottle before. It actually comes in this silk type bag, and that's after you open the box, and then you have to pull off the pin, kind of like you would do with a grenade. It was really funny...trying to do all this in front of her. She really liked it and said it was Dark & slightly heavy. She said it would be perfect for nighttime use.

    So..the story doesn't end there. I just wanted to include this for fun. Just as I left the store, I say this short Asian guy talking to himself..actually walking up to me. I really didn't recognize him until he put his head up. The guy was reading off of his script and memorizing lines. All of a sudden as the guy passes me, I found out where I've seen him before. There's this show called Godiva's, which is filmed in Vancouver. I don't think it's a huge show, and you guys probably haven't heard about it but I watch it from time to time. It's basically a drama type show focused in a Restaurant. I turn around and yell "Hay, are you from Godiva's". He was totally the guy and we started talking a little. I told him I really liked the show and he said thanks for watching. I really didn't want to be a freak so I talked to him for 30 seconds and told him he was cool on the show and went on my way.

    So...that was pretty much my day before my appointment. Probably, no more fragrance shopping for me for a long time. Sorry...that I couldn't put more info on the scents that I tried. Roses Musk and Aoud Velvet, I have samples of and probably wear them soon to see if they're good and the CDG stuff just blew me away. I really need to relax my nose now.

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    Default Re: Montales + CDG Fragrance Shopping

    Nice read. I have a sample of Black Aoud. Scary! but I'll try it!

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    Default Re: Montales + CDG Fragrance Shopping

    Quote Originally Posted by Chicat
    Nice read. I have a sample of Black Aoud. Scary! but I'll try it!
    I must warn you , don't tell me later that I did not , it is addicting watch out Chicat

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    Default Re: Montales + CDG Fragrance Shopping

    Great story nsamadi! I would love to go sniffing that stuff in a store. Seems like you had a great time talking to these SAs as well...

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    Default Re: Montales + CDG Fragrance Shopping

    wow! You have a wonderful gift, being able to write like this. Nonstop reading here, and I enjoyed every single word! So glad you like Black Aoud. It is just wonderful! Let us hear more when you know what the samples really are!
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    Default Re: Montales + CDG Fragrance Shopping

    I'll echo out with the Black is marvelous. Not really a work frag for me...although it probably could be if I didn't want to wear Black Oud as a complete cloud around me. But when I put that one on, I want to leave a trail of that masterpiece behind me. So, I heavy trigger-finger it. An amazing piece of work.

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