I am always happy to publicly confirm my dislike of Gendarme. Now that it's been described as a politician's scent in another thread I feel even more compelled to dislike it . As I stated in my review, Gendarme in no way signifies subtle freshness to me, rather it's a very good representation of the chemical smell in a drycleaners or the cheap synthetic florals in fabric softeners. Yuck.
Not that I would not be interested in a scent that actually does manage to produce a "fresh linen hung up to dry in the herb garden" effect. Subtle, clean, natural. Well, I found it. It's Rodier pour homme, the only male fragrance by that house, which, from what I can see on their lousy website, basically does women's fashions. So it's not surprising that this would not be a macho thing, but on the subtle side. Gently citrussy bergamot, herbal notes, a bit of nutmeg sweetness, all very low-key produce for me the fresh laundry feeling (still wet, blowing in the country air) when you use a quality organic detergent and avoid softeners, as I do, being an ecologically correct half-German (my American half is responsible for massive Ben&Jerry's consumption ) . Thank God this is not soapy in the conventional sense. Truly a hidden gem. I came across it on ebay for 10 bucks, have never seen it anywhere in German stores. In fact I had never heard of Rodier before. After several blind-buy flops, this one hit the bull's eye.

P.S.: It's also far better than Incanto by Ferragamo IMO, which, while pleasantly subtle, is too conventionally floral for my taste to become a regular.