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    I want to swap some of my perfumes, I made a swap list...Now what?

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    Nicole- Post your swaps on the swap board. List the correct names, sizes, how much remains, cap?, box?, tester? Also list your wants. If you would swap two for one, etc. state that as well. Look at what the senior members have done as a guideline. As a new member with no feedback expect others to ask you to ship first. If you need any additional help, PM me. Good luck. Stu

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    A good idea is to, yes, put it on the swap board. If you are looking for selling bottles too then you should make a duplicate thread and post prices and your merchandise in the Sell board.

    I suggest making the title something you are selling that will get people interested. Like... "Dior,Chanel,L'Artisan"
    This way people will already see you have something they want. Just a thought...

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