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    Default Help me out here..

    Several folks on here recommended Visit as a frag similar to Gucci PH that I might like. Well, I tested it out at TJMaxx tonight, and it does not work for me at all. Perhaps it's my chemistry, but this frag smell like, well, "catpiss" on me. I actually get the same exact smell when I wear Gucci Rush. It's like a bitter rubbing achohol smell. Can anyone tell me what this might be so I can avoid this type of frag at all costs. Or is it just my chem?


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    Default Re: Help me out here..

    Anthony- Welcome to Basenotes! I tend to agree with you on the Visit and Rush. The Rush smells like something sour to me. Stick to the Orientals, and other than an occasional tart top note, you should not have this problem.

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    Default Re: Help me out here..

    Thanks, Stuigi. Another question comes to mind. Can a frag go bad? Would it have a distinct smell if so?

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    Default Re: Help me out here..

    Yes, a fragrance can go bad. It usually happens when it is ill-treated. Leaving the bottle out in sunlight or out in brutal heat will help destroy the scent. Those are things you want to stay away from, deffinately.

    The Visit could be a bad bottle since it is a tester in a store and they don't really take care of their stuff. I really think Visit and Gucci pH are similar and I don't smell that note you are refering to. It might not work with your skin. If it smells bad then it does and you should look for something else to wear.

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    Default Re: Help me out here..

    I get a strong alcohol smell from visit too. But after awhile it opens up to some extreme woodiness similiar to Gucci PH.

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