Ok, I realize completely that this is a post that reeks of "too much time on my hands".. but it had to be done. Have you ever daydreamed of fragrances that don't exist? Have you conceived ideas or suddenly been struck with a really great name or idea for a fragrance? Well, I have! In my opinion anyway... I think it would be great to hear what a few of the imaginations on basenotes can conjure up....

what do you think of the following?

1) Hubrus PH: A virile, unappologetic fragrance that literally reaches out and smacks any other cologne within a six inch space. Spicy, dry, a tad sensual. Hubrus is definately a scent for the daring.

2) Kane PH: (named after the famed movie character) A formal fragrance, slightly vulnerable, with a distant cool edge. Something classic, but timeless.. of enduring quality. A fragrance that nurtures both the ambitious and innocent parts of our psyche.

Mass Market Teen push fragrance:

Sunrise/Sunset unisex: two fragrances in one.. one intended for day use, one for night use.. the day portion would be displayed in a rather tacky colourful sun flacon, and the evening one, in a more subdued moon.. both bottles would interlock, and come apart seperately if that were the preference of the user. Scents would be non-offensive... non-impressive.. and all marketing! <like so many created today>

Anyway, share YOUR thoughts... now that you all officially know that I am a complete fragrance geek! <that is, if there were any doubts remaining>