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    Default The 3 L'Occitane Eau de Parfums

    I tried these on today, at the L'Occitane branch in Covent Garden, during my lunch break.

    I thought 7 Fleurs & Neroli were pretty good (I didn't think much of 4 Reines), but they came across as being very similar to certain Dior fragrances: 7 Fleurs - Bois d'Argent / Neroli - Hypnotic Poison. Now, I'm not saying they were exactly the same but these Dior fragrances immediately sprang to mind.

    Does anyone have the same impression about them?

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    Default Re: The 3 L'Occitane Eau de Parfums

    I don't know these, but are they true EDPS with longer duration and projection from the rest?

    I admire these scents but they are too weak for me.

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