Well, when I was at the mall today, I got a chance to sniff Prada Amber Pour Homme. I'm sorta on the fence regarding this one... I don't smell much amber, but I do smell a lot of vetiver, patchouli and vanilla, as well as a wee bit of leather.

In fragrance retail news, all of the May Company stores such as Foley's, Marshall Field's, The Jones Store, and such are officially changing over to Macy's on September 9th. The changes are 99% complete here at the L.S. Ayres in Fort Wayne (which I've started to call Macy's myself). All they need to do now is take down the remaining Ayres signage (most of the signage, inside and out, is for Macy's now) and give the employees pins with that little red star.

There's some good news in the Men's Fragrance Dept. at Macy's, though. The Corvette, Ferrari, and NFL scents from the May Co. days are gone, as Federated Dept. Stores doesn't like that stuff... it dilutes the "affordable luxury" image of the Macy's brand. The leftover shelf space from the crummy stuff is being reallocated to popular and new designer and celebrity scents, such as the aforementioned Prada, Phat Farm Atman, and (soon) Burberry London and Gaultier˛. (BTW, this particular Macy's will be carrying Gaultier˛ in both the men's and women's sections... most stores that carry the brand will put it in one section or the other.)

Last, but not least, the Macy's in Fort Wayne will be having a "Friends & A Makeover" party on Thursday, September 21st from 6 PM to 9:30 PM. Admission is $20 (which includes $10 off any cosmetics or fragrance purchase during the event). Basically, it's an event for gals and guys where you can get a makeover, try out the latest smellies, chat with the reps, and such. Oh, and they'll be giving out free samples, too.