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    Default Compliments on Perfume

    I never get compliments on my perfume, even though I use good ones. I get compliments when I wear body spray, though.
    What am I doing wrong?

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I very seldom get compliments on my perfumes, too!

    Maybe you put on too little, or too much? I really don`t know...

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    You're not doing something "wrong".

    First, look at which body sprays get you compliments. What kind of notes do they have? How heavily do you apply them? How much sillage do they have? When do you get compliments? Who is giving you compliments?

    Then ask yourself the same questions about your perfumes. Very often pure parfum doesn't have much sillage. It's also very intense, so you might not apply much. Those two alone would explain the lack of compliments... noone else is able to detect your scent. There could be other reasons too tho, like you tend to choose body sprays with notes that work exceptionally well on you, and your perfumes are not so well suited to your skin. Or you tend to wear body sprays more in situations where people will have the opportunity to notice your scent, and perfume less often.

    Really the only time I get compliments on my perfume is when my boyfriend is snuggling close to me. He may enjoy it a great deal at other times, but chances are he's not going to *say* anything. I also tend to wear scents with very minimal sillage. So other people aren't likely to really notice that my scent is coming from me particularly. I'm ok with this, since I wear perfume for me to enjoy, and secondarily for my boyfriend to enjoy. For me it's a very intimate thing, so other people noticing would feel like a bit much.


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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    Quote Originally Posted by Torrilin
    You're not doing something "wrong".
    I'm ok with this, since I wear perfume for me to enjoy, and secondarily for my boyfriend to enjoy.

    Very well said Emily. When you do that and enjoy it, you feel confident, comfortable, happy and be more productive. When that happens people notice and the compliments will follow.

    So Nicole enjoy your fumes for yourself, and stop worrying about compliments, they will come eventually .

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    If I notice a perfume I like I will comment on it - and ask what it is if I like it. But I must admit the perfumes I notice are often very strong ones - and to be honest you soon end up finding their perfume trail a little obvious and overpowering.

    I think a womans fragrance should be subtle and alluring, I know we should wear it for ourselves, but doesn't the minx in us want some cute guy to notice.

    I wore cheap and cheerful Panache regularly about 10 years ago and a male colleague commented on my nice perfume. But he spoilt it by telling me his mother wore the same one!

    So you see you, never really know what turns a guy on!

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I rarely get compliments, but I know it's because I like unusual and unisex fragrances. It's ok, I wear them for myself anyways.

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    Compliments from strangers are a sure thing here, but those from Mr.Twolf are scarce, and something like: "The coffee pot smells of your perfume" is a compiment here!

    Agree with Torrilin about just the right amount.
    Currently wearing: Omnia Paraiba by Bulgari

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I think I've gone through cycles of receiving many compliments, daily and even more then once a day... and then nothing for a while... and then out of nowhere just when I thought "Hmmm no more compliments for me!" I will start receiving them all over again...

    Surprisingly however, I am not complimented on fragrances that used to earn me compliments years ago these days... No, these days I receive exuberant amount of compliments on the likes of Lancome's Hypnose, L'Instant de Guerlain (more then once, even twice a day - so you will notice me having worn this a lot lately ), Anglomania and Euphoria... while years ago those compliments used to be given me on Sun by Jil Sander, and Samsara & Champs Elysees by Guerlain... now they don't really get that many compliments... but still do once in a while…
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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I'm another one of those who wears perfume every day with no comments at all =/ sometimes I wear perfume oil. Sometimes it's EDT or EDP. And I wear all sorts, although I do prefer orientals a bit more. It's frustrating!

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    Fleurs d 'Oranger by Serge Lutens gets me the most compliments than all of my perfumes combined. This floral is a killer!
    Other scents that get me compliments but to a much lesser degree: Musc Ravageur, Tubereuse Criminelle, Tubereuse de Caron, Clair de Musc, Cedre, La Nuit, Nombre Noir, Feminite du Bois.
    Perfumes that I love but never get me complimented, Mitsouko, Santal de Mysore, Biche dans l 'Absinthe, Seve Exquise, Sous le Buis.

    I noticed ethnic men compliment more on perfumes than white american males - only ethnic men complimented me wearing Musc Ravageur, Feminite du Bois and Cedre.

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    It's a pity we can't view your 'drobe .

    I love giving a woman a compliment about her frag if it deserves it.

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    You can view my wardrobe, lightnin.

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I got a compliment today on the scent i was wearing. I had Diorissimo on and a woman (i work at a hotel) said it was very nice. She also said she does'nt let her husband wear cologne because it makes her sneeze but what i had on was "very nice".

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    Approximately 10 minutes after my mother commented on how Dior Addict smelled a bit "elderly" on me, I had an employee at a clothing store sniff over the counter and exclaim "What are you wearing?! I love it." Take that Mom!; I'm rocking it Golden Girls style... =)

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    Last week Mr.Tinker424 sniffed the air and said "What smells so good? What perfume are you wearing? Whatever it is I love it!!"

    It was queen of the granny scents...TABU by Dana

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume


    I usually get compliments from any boys who get close to me ( hugs) and sometimes when I walk past people in the office I get a convo from someone saying they figured it was me smelling oh so very lovely.

    I think silage is greatly improved by one spray on the back of your neck ( so I have been told here before).

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I've gotten compliments when I've worn Tolu, Cristobal, AA Pamplelune, AA Ylang & Vanille, Vanille Exquise, Fath de Fath, Ginger Musk, Vanille Coco and Wanderlust. I think most of the time I don't wear enough fragrance though and no one else can smell what I'm wearing.

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    i never get compliments from perfumes that i usually wear. ( i love oriental - vanilla )

    however i get attention / compliments from perfumes which im not comfortable in, like burberry weekend or jean paul gaultier classique. ( florals!)

    but i guess i value my opinion more than others so i stick to my fave's even without compliments.

    i can live with that.
    "Where should one use perfume?" a young woman asked. "Wherever one wants to be kissed," I said. - Coco Chanel

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I find that if I wear the same fragrance for more then a week at a time I receive more compliments on it... friends start to comment on my scent as they associate that particular fragrance with me... however I rarely ever stay with the same fragrance for more then a day or two...
    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    Talking Re: Compliments on Perfume

    When I wear Addict or Dune I get loads of compliments they work well with my skin and both last all day I was even complimented by a young boy the other day he said "you smell nice just like my mum" I was wearing Addict

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    We should have a poll on whether or not people get compliments on their fragrance. I have only had one compliment ever (from someone besides my husband). I was wearing Rosine's La Coupe d'Or a couple of days ago and a man said I smelled good. I must say, I liked getting a compliment!

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    we addicts never get enough compliments! argh! don't you wish girlfriend smelled good like me. ahahhaha. hi pussycat dolls.
    "Where should one use perfume?" a young woman asked. "Wherever one wants to be kissed," I said. - Coco Chanel

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I like to wear and test a lot of Perfumes, so people who know that, often come closer and give a comment, negative or positive, that´s good! But small doses are the best, so I seldom get compliments from strangers . I want the perfume softly waft arround me, not to offend half of the subway ( I like e.g. pepper, strong incense, wood, herbs and spices...). But there is one, I get compliments all the way, even from strangers: good old Chaos from Donna Karan and second is Fumerie Turque!

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    Unhappy Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I almost never get compliment for parfums I wear - only when men give me a hug or something. Spesially if I wear Champs Elysees by Guerlain...

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    These frags I´ve got compliments for:

    L´Instant de Guerlain
    Gucci EdP II
    Ralph Hot
    Armani City Glam

    I guess these frags "stick out" in my collection, and I do wear them with care today. Of course I want compliments, but it is double, too... I don´t want my frags to be in the face of others. I´m the happiest not getting compliments...
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    Faves right now: Chanel No 19, Stella Rose Absolute, L´Heure Bleu, Elixir de Merveilles, Samsara.

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    Frags That I Have complimented a woman on before:

    Versace Red Jeans (wonderful rose then switches to a sweet amber smell ....a diamond in the rough.... the first i smelled it I hated it and I revisited it and now love it! and its cheap!)

    Victoris Secret Amber Romance
    D and G Light Blue
    Escade Magnetism (yum)
    Omnia ...not sure who makes it
    Lolita lempicka

    Its kinda funny...alot of frags women compliment other woman on and those are the frags the woman buys..... but I don't like the fragrance whatsoever in terms of attraction....I do not find alot of women who wear frags that most guys like, rather they go by what other women say about them and if they smell good or not....get a guys opinion you might be suprised! Same goes for guys women have complimented me on frags in my wardrobe that I think are only so-so....but my Homerun frags I love I never get compliments on!

    This may just be me...but STAY AWAY from florals..I cannot stand them on a woman and I have only found a few guys who like them primarily....they smell too sharp and fake to me and some give me a horrible headache.

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I never get compiments either so I don't really understand it when people write on this forum that they had people chasing them down to ask the name of their perfume. I think maybe the fragrance heads here have friends that know that they are really into perfume so they notice it more and comment on it.

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I typically get at least one compliment a week on my frag. I think it's because I can be heavy handed with the number of sprays I spray and that I work in an office with a lot of women. I tend to be the last to arrive at work (hehe) so me and my fragrance tend to make an entrance

    Scents I get the most compliments from:

    Bond No 9 Success is a Job (Women)
    Bond No 9 Nuits de Noho (Men & Women)
    Jo Malone Blue Agava & Cacao (Men & Women)
    Balenciaga Paris (Women)
    SL Datura Noir (Hubby)
    Atelier Cologne Bois Blonds (Women)
    Creed Royal Oud (Women)
    Those listed above & everything else in my collection (Me!!!)

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I almost never get compliments on my perfumes !
    However, I finally got some lately, one was Balmain de Balmain, and twice (unasked) from my fragrance hating husband, he like ''Tabu'' applied with great care and subtlety, and Aperçu!

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    Default Re: Compliments on Perfume

    I don't expect or do I care if I get a compliment on my perfume. If I do it comes as a pleasant surprise. I wear it because I like it and couldn't give a monkey's what others think of it.

    I was complimented this week on Cuir de Lancome, with the reply Oh thank you.

    Before that it was Daim Blond and Ambre Sultan. Strangely usually when food shopping.

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