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    Default Lettera Da *Update*

    Lettera Da by Claudio La Viola...I see it online, it's a dark juice (cognac color) ,I've never heard of it and can't find out any info on it. Anyone here ever wear it or even sample it? Thank you! ALLIE
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    Default Re: HELP!! Anyone know "LETTERS DA" perfume?

    Nobody knows it? Maybe a blind buy is in order...:bounce:the insanity continues...

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    Default Re: Lettera Da *Update*

    It came in today...very yummy ! It smells similar to Lou Lou but Lettera Da doesn't have the plastic note in it. The only info I could scratch up is it was created in 1989 and is now discontinued.

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    Default Re: Lettera Da *Update*

    Hi Allie!

    You brave woman you! Great buy I see Lou Lou is terrific so your new Lettera Da must be too

    We keep on going for these blind-buys and sometimes they really work and other times well not so much... like me with Femme... that just did not work for me... but you know I'm gonna give it a shot again this winter Do we ever learn? or give up? I wonder
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    Default Re: Lettera Da *Update*

    This was a real break for me, usually blind buys don't end up well...I've spent the past week selling my unsniffed mistakes and impulse buys on Ebay. Lettera Da was only $7.99 so if it was a scrubber at least it wasn't too pricey! It doesn't last as long as LouLou so I see a purchase in the near future.

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