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    Default Parfums de Nicolai

    Which are your favorite fragrances from this line, and why? I'm very interested in sampling more from this line. So far I've tried Vanille Tonka (wasn't all that impressed). New York looks very promising.
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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai

    I have a sample of New York. Great scent that despite being an oriental could be pulled off year round. I have a hard time wearing orientals. Other than personal tastes, there hasn't really been a proper winter here for several years. But despite the heat, New York is pretty easy to wear. You should look to this as your next evaluation.

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai

    My bottle of New York is being shipped from beautyhabit as we type.


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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai

    Isnt New York the one which is said to smell a lot like Bois Du Portugal ?

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai

    The Maharadja is very nice, it reminds me a little bit of Jicky, it has a lavender oriental flair with a dash of cinnamon

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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai

    ZZ- it is somewhat similar to BDP, but seems to have an amber type note as well.

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    NY's top notes are similar to BdP, but I think that is where the similarities end. NY is more leathery (I think it has castoreum) while BdP is more woody (as you might expect). I find NY to be more wearable, but I really like BdP.

    NY was clearly the best from the mens line from what I tried. Cologne Nature was pretty good, it has a great lime note, but was fleeting. Cologne Sologne had an off note to it... I wish I could describe it.

    I think the frag I liked second most from the mens line was Baladin, but I don't remember anything about it.
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    I think I finally figured out PdN Nicolai pour Homme: Poe. Absinthe. I've never smelled real absinthe, but this is what I imagine absinthe would smell like. It has a faint resemblance to Lolita Lempicka aM, but this isn't that artificially flavoured and sweetened confection. There is anise, bitter herbs, and dark fragrant honey. It makes me think of the video for "The Perfect Drug" by NIN.

    Edit: Forgot to note the smokiness that emerges in the drydown. This is a Fin de Siecle fragrance.
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    Default Re: Parfums de Nicolai

    Nicolai is a fine house.

    I think New York is the best of the line, but I very much enjoy
    Nicolai Pour Homme, which is a lavender scent. Baladin is a modern,
    light, leather scent. All three of these are worth sampling. New York
    is the only one I'd recommend blind. I have all three. I didn't think
    Vetyver was that great, but you might think otherwise.

    If you want something light, sporty, and modern, Ballet de Match
    is good. I think Cologne Sologne is a fine traditional, neroli cologne.
    I've not tried any of the women's line, but the venerable Mike_C used
    to rave about Sacre Bleu when he was posting on this board.
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