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Thread: Ah, fall--?

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    Question Ah, fall--?

    I've been scent searching for one year now. Have I found my Holy Grail? Most of you probably know...YES! kai is my fresh green sexy baby. I couldn't love it more.

    For summer.

    So now that September is here, the days are cooler and last night was (gasp) chilly. What now???? I have some that I haven't worn since early spring.

    Lolita Lempicka
    KM Loukhoum
    Hypnotic Poison
    Fumerie Turque...with Fleur de the Rose Bulgare -- divine.
    Chinatown OMG, this one's the winter gardenia!!

    And so I was wondering, what is everyone else looking forward to wearing when cold weather comes?

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    Default Re: Ah, fall--?

    To be honest I far prefer wearing my 'winter scent wardrobe' but I've been guilty of dipping into it all summer long... however the likes of Samsara will still have to wait to be fully appreciated in winter... in fact that will be my first snow-fall-day scent... but as far as autumn goes I will so enjoy my Hypnotic Poison, Dior Addict, Mauboussin, Prada, Deep Night, Euphoria, Trouble, Initial, Black Bashmerer, even Cashmere Mist... all of them I wore only once in a while during the warmer weather only because I missed them so much... but now I get to fully enjoy them all
    "Of the five senses, the sense of smell is incontestably the one that best conveys a sense of immortality."

    Salvador Dali

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    Default Re: Ah, fall--?

    Feminite du Bois, which knocks me over the head in hot weather but is fabulous when it's cold and damp outside. L'Heure Bleue. Flower Oriental. Lolita Lempicka. Samsara. Jungle L'Elephant. The thick, rich scents, yummy. And goodbye to Herba Fresca and Cherry Blossom for awhile....
    Currently wearing: Touaregh by Il Profumo

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    Default Re: Ah, fall--?

    I am longing for Vol de Nuit, Narcisse Noir, Mitsouko, Jolie Madame and Nuit de Noël.

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    Default Re: Ah, fall--?

    I think the majority of my perfumes lean toward what would be considered "winter" scents anyway so I don't have the dilemma of choosing something more appropriate for a particular season. Besides, if I like it enough to buy it, I gotta wear it whenever. I do love white florals so maybe they might be considered more of a summer scent but I would wear them any time. Oh and Bond's Fire Island. It is a beachy scent but it will not be neglected during cooler weather. I wore Hypnotic Poison and L'Instant to bed last night (one on each wrist). Have to keep my hands under the cover tho cuz the cats always want to lick off my perfumes. I don't know if it's cuz they like it or they're trying to get rid of it so they can comfortably snuggle in.

    I love all the ones you guys have already mentioned. Chinatown, OMG what a delicious fragrance; New Haarlem with that edible coffee note. (I tried desperately to stay away from the Bonds, but failed miserably.) Angelique Encens, Feminite du Bois (almost a dead ringer for Serge Lutens' Bois et Fruits), Bois du Portugal, Chergui, Cedre, Narcisse Noir, Mechant Loup, Muscs Koublai Khan, Kenzo Flower, Gaultier 2, Bandit, La Nuit, Shaal Nur, Messe de Minuit. Geez, the list is endless. I just love perfume period. Flowers, fruits, chypres, orientals, gourmands, woods, mainstream or off the wall . . . bring it on!

    I work at home so I don't have to worry about offending anyone with a scent that might be a bit oppresive in the summer heat. I just spray with reckless abandonment and enjoy myself all day.


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    I have a touch of seasonal scent dyslexia, I have been stewing in L'Heure Bleue, Mahora, Blonde and Caron's Montaigne all summer. Rhode Island's collective nose hair is singed from my sillage! In the winter I break out the light and fruity Musc De Java, Profumi di Pantelleria's Nica and Mure et Musc. I have no idea why I do it! :bounce:

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    I brought out my little bottle of Organza Indecence and wore it today. Even though it's still warm here, I can feel the imminent arrival of fall in the air. I think I'll start packing away my summer fragrances.

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    Default Re: Ah, fall--?

    I also have a "touch of seasonal scent dyslexia"! I 'm able to wear Musc Ravageur in hot summer weather and I love Sous le Buis or Clair de Musc better in winter.
    Fall will be the occasion to reach for scents like Biche dans l 'Absinthe, Mitsouko, Daim Blond or Cedre, testing the new Chypre Rouge by Serge Lutens and that won 't prevent me from already overdosing on my beloved Musc Ravageur or La Nuit!
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    Default Re: Ah, fall--?

    When Autumn beckons I reach for my beloved
    Feminite du Bois, Cinnabar (layered with Body Shop
    Satsuma Body lotion!), Narcisse Noir (special occasions
    only!) and Iris Poudre(my new favourite.)

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    Default Re: Ah, fall--?

    This summer was stange; I found myself craving orientals a lot of the time. Now when fall is here, I have noticed that I am longing for quite uncomplicated rose scents like Stella, un zest de Rose, L´Ombre dans l´eau, etc. I also seem to be craving something pure, serene and well "clean" if you wish (not the line with that name though) I had the opportunity to sample Rochas Tocade, thanks to a basenoter, and it suited my fall-mood great. Rosy and soft, but still classy. It has something in it that more than any other fragrance I´ve tried reminds me of newly washed, wind-dried linnen. And not washing powder or fabric softener, but the scent trails of wind and other outdoors-smells on fabric, that appear when one buries the nose in laundry just brought in from the clothesline.

    But then of course there are also Loukhoum, Feminité du bois, and other cosy, more extrovert fall-scents waiting to be worn.

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