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    Default Sample Blitzkrieg - Prada, Burberry, Gaultier2

    Went out shopping here in Chicago on Saturday, determined to sample and maybe get some samples of the new Prada, Burberry & Gaultier. First stop was Nordstrom. They had Burberry London in prominent display so I sprayed some on my skin. Kind of spicy with a tart burgundy note. Need more time to sink in. Asked for a sample and was given 3 vials! Also, was given a sample of Jack Black (don't remember which one but it's nice).

    Next stop, Sephora #1 (there's 2 Sephora's in a 3 block distance in Chicago). Sprayed some Prada on, and it was very sweet. Reminded me of the new Valentino. Was in a rush to get to Bloomingdales to try Gaultier2 so I didn't get any samples.

    Wasn't at Bloomies long when I requested a Gaultier2 sample. SA said she "may" have some samples. How could you not know if you have any samples of the biggest men's release in years? She reluctantly gave me one as I sensed attitude big time. Much different than the pleasant demeanor of Nordstrom SA's.

    Stopped at the "new" Macy's which used to be Marshall Fields to look around. Asked for a sample of Prada but according to the SA, it was "too new" to have any samples!?!?! That's a new one! I would think there would be tons of samples when a new frag comes out.

    Had some extra time so I went to Sephora #2. Suprised to find Gaultier2 there as I thought that Bloomies had the exclusive on it. Apparently not. Guess its availability is store by store as Sephora #1 didn't have it. Tried Prada again as it had faded on my wrist from my initial spray at Nordstrom. Longevity already seems to be an issue here with Prada. Asked for a sample and the SA decanted me some. She was very pleasant about it but seemed not to know much about the juice. She also gave me a sample of the new(er) Valentino when I noticed they had about 100 in the drawer.

    With my pocket bulging with samples, my mission was accomplished. Now I need to roadtest these frags. I will post my thoughts soon.

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    Default Re: Sample Blitzkrieg - Prada, Burberry, Gaultier2

    Actually, Bloomie's month-long exclusivity period for Gaultier˛ just ended a few days ago... that's probably the reason why you saw it at Sephora. In fact, Macy's will have Gaultier˛ in their stores and on their website on September 15th (according to the new Macy's magazine).
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: Sample Blitzkrieg - Prada, Burberry, Gaultier2

    I hope you have better luck with Prada than I did. Lasted, maybe, ten minutes, if that, on me. Absolutely no longevity. At least for my skin type, anyway.

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