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    Default what is that in men fragrances?

    I would like to know, what is that part that makes fragrances for men smell like fragrances for men? I mean that part you always smell in men frags and never in women (with the few exceptions on both sides, of course)?

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    Default Re: what is that in men fragrances?

    Interesting question. I'd love to know the answer as well but am guessing that it's probably complicated. Must be the notes that somehow work to give it a 'feel' that (most) people associate with a masculine scent? Wood, vetiver, stuff like that?

    Let the guessing begin!
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    Default Re: what is that in men fragrances?

    It has to be a mix that's always the same, because it smells always the same. The other components of the fragrance only make it more prominent or less, or the perfumer pours more or less of that into the cauldron... Once I thought it's cedar, but I know cedar smells different...

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    Default Re: what is that in men fragrances?

    There are more masculine notes in mens. I think womens generally are more floral and sweet. Mens are subdued with heavy woodys and green notes. I really am not sure how they decide what to put in fragrances to make it "for men." You should try a side by side comparison of the same fragrance in both the mens and womens versions. There you might see what it is that makes them unique to one gender.

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    Default Re: what is that in men fragrances?

    Ok, let's keep those "heavy woodys" to ourselves.

    Obviously it is the bugs and snails and puppy dog tails.

    There is actually no single note or scent or combination that is common to men's fragrances, at least not the ones I wear. There are some conventional styles that become popular, such as the aqua musks of the past decade or the heavier woody orientals of the 80's. Perhaps you are smelling many of the current AdG clones and spinoffs and equating that scent style with all men's 'fumes, but I think that is a major oversimplification.

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    Default Re: what is that in men fragrances?

    If you're talking about a "typical" man's fragrance you're looking at vetiver, patchouli, moss, musk, various woods, green notes, some spices most likely a pepper of some kind. A "typical" woman's fragrance would have some serious florals, vanilla and powder notes, maybe some fruit notes.
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