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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    Great choices.....Gary

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    They're fine. You could own more, you could own less. You might like to expand your experiences more and start looking at some of the classics from YSL, Chanel, Dior, Guerlain. It's also worth dipping your nose into niche.

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    I was thinking of looking in Bond series and Amouage they look very interesting, but I have to buy 1 bottle or I will get carried away and waste to much money on fragrances

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    Looks fine to me. If you like them, then that's really all that matters.

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    Welcome to basenotes.

    It looks fine to me.

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    Looks pretty mainstream basenoter sweet hype. I think the niche extension of that wardrobe would include Musc Ravageur. If you're considering the Amouage/Bond price range, Frederic Malle is safely within your budget.

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    I was thinking if getting Musc Ravageur but when I saw the price I was like oh dear, to much lol

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    Great choices, especially for your age.
    Save some money for nice clothes too!

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    Not bad... Might want to take a harder look at YSL.
    Currently wearing: Epic Man by Amouage

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    yeah looks pretty solid. I'll go against the grain and tell you not to look into anything niche at this point. Girls your age won't appreciate it, and you've better off spending the cash on other stuff. Look for good value cheap buys, like $30-50 max. At your age I wouldn't recomend dropping $100+ on a bottle of cologne. Just pickup a few here and there that you really like. Check out the younger youtube reviewers to see what they like (eg Rochas, which is a nice gourmand and like $30)
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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    It's never too early to start a collection. Just make sure you're really into this before spending all your money on it :P

    I'd get rid of the 1 million and love&luck, and you'd have quite a classy collection for a 17 years old.

    I do agree with master-classter about not spending your money on niche at this point. Sure thing like Musc Ravageur or something like Silver Mountain Water/Aventus would be safe, but I wouldn't go beyond that. Though I do happen to have cousins under 18 who love many of my fragrances...but they're middle eastern so they're more accustomed to weird/strong stuff.

    I'd seriously avoid Bond No9, not worth the price. I don't even consider Creed worth the retail price and Creed does what Bond No9 does much better. As far as Amouage, you can have a 100ml bottle for as low as $150-$200. Unlike Frederic Malle which is almost impossible to get at anything other than retail. However Amouage might be too much for you....

    As far as designer, the houses I enjoy personally are Dior, YSL and Chanel. I don't consider guerlain designer, but even if I did there stuff might be too mature for you. I highly recommend you check YSL M7, Body Kouros and Dior Eau Sauvage, Homme and Homme Intense. As well as Tom Ford Black Orchid and Grey Vetiver.

    Finally, Consider buying decants for now. I'm sure 10ml of Frederic Malle/Amouage/Creed won't break your back

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    Yer I was thinking of getting M7 and Rochas man since I'm in Australia bottles are pretty expensive and I will have to get them from fragrancenet which takes ageas to get here . But other then that I love my collection. I don't really like the Dior house not my thing I like YSL tho and Chanel only Allure and Sport, but I'm planning to get Bleu De sooner or later that's the next one on my mind.

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    Incredibly sophisticated for some so young.

    I think you will be blown away by Amourage, I know I am.

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    The only Amouage I was looking into was Reflection Man

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    Default Re: Is this to much for a teen ?

    young? pshhhhhhh you're never too young enough for this stuff man. your adventure has only begun... trust me on that

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    Default Highschool cologne?

    Hey guys im looking for a scent that I can wear to anything and the girls love. Also isn't to cloying/annoying and isn't too crazy. Thanks you

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    I wore Jade East when I went to high school. Some how I don't think it will work today.

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    When I was in high school, Jovan Musk was popular, I wouldn't recommend it that either ;-)

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    Renato's nephew swears by Paris Hilton for Him (That's the right one, isn't it Renato?), so I say that one is tried and vouched for. It'll ge a good one to check out.
    That girl, that bottle, that mattress and me.

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    Rochas Man

    Ed Hardy's Love and Luck

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    Gucci Pour Homme

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    Safe, simple, inexpensive and easily accessible fragrances that high school girls go gaga for:

    Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier
    Love & Luck by Ed Hardy
    A*Men (& Friends) by Thierry Mugler
    Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani
    Armani Code by Giorgio Armani
    Fierce by Abercrombie
    1 Million by Paco Rabanne
    L'homme (& Nuit) by Yves Saint Laurent
    L'Eau D'Issey pH by Issey Miyake

    If I had to pick one, it would be Acqua di Gio. Girls don't care if they know 10 other guys who wear it. They will still love smelling it on you.

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    Go old school on em and break out the Polo!

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bokchoy View Post
    Safe, simple, inexpensive and easily accessible fragrances that high school girls go gaga for:

    If I had to pick one, it would be Acqua di Gio. Girls don't care if they know 10 other guys who wear it. They will still love smelling it on you.
    So true for high school. Later on girls may care...because then they have more experience with dating, get reminded of bad dates/boyfriends with a certain scent, ect..

    Don't worry so much in high school. just wear what's popular and safe.

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    There's no real correct answer to this question. I could write out a list a mile long but if none of them are YOU, they're not going to work. You have to find a scent that sort of embodies your personality, something you feel comfortable wearing. If it smells nice (hopefully it will since that IS the point) and you feel comfortable wearing it then you're going to give off a certain confidence, and girls seem to like confident guys (so I've been told). I'm a senior at my high school, but I don't wear any traditional high school scents because I don't feel they match my style. I still get compliments though.

    Look at Bokchoy's list if what he's describing fits you better though. It's a case of "to each his own." Whatever you choose I hope your fragranceexperience is a pleasant one

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    I am going to agree with previous posts! Ed Hardy L&L is a fragrance that is geared to attract a younger more vibrant audience. It's a must for HS and even college!

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    Girls seem to like 1 million by Paco its a decent fragrance that won't break your wallet

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    Default Re: Highschool cologne?

    Boss #6 by Hugo Boss
    L'homme by YSL
    Aqua Di Gio
    212 by Carolina Herrera
    Curve For Men
    Fierce by Abercrombie
    Tommy Hilfiger For Men
    Chrome by Azzaro
    Versace Pour Homme
    Swiss Army Classic
    Versace Man Eau Fraiche
    D&G Light Blue For Men
    Curve Connect
    Love & Luck Ed Hardy
    Guess Man by Guess
    Slate by Banana Republic

    All of these are perfect, non-offensive scents that the ladies will adore, trust me.

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    Default Next fragrance for a teen

    Well first off, I'm 16 and I currently wear SoCal from Hollister, Aqua Di Gio from Giorgio Armani, and Guess Seductive Homme.

    I've just recently gotten the Guess, my girlfriend told me to buy it but I do like it.

    What's some other colognes that smell great overall and women approve of?
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    Default Re: Next fragence for a teen

    Issey Miyake
    Want to trade - Chanel Platinum Egoiste for Dior Eau Sauvage...

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