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    Default News: Relaunch of 70s classic Chlo.

    Yesterday I watched "Chic" a daily lifestyle show on German-French TV channel Arte. There was a segment about the revival of french fashion houses like Lanvin, Azzaro, Cline and Chlo. Chlo's big boss Ralph Toledano commented on the history of this house and announced that a fragrance would be launched soon, he added in french: "Actually this fragrance already exits for over 30 years". I could only assume he was referring to the classic tuberose based Chlo.

    Good news, just hope that they don't change the formula too much.

    I own a giant dummy of the Chlo pure perfume bottle, the one with the frosted glass stopper in the shape of 2 arum flowers. When my interest in perfumes stated now almost 20 years ago, the bottles of L'Air du Temps and Chlo were my favorites.

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    Default Re: News: Relaunch of 70s classic Chlo.

    I love the original Chlo. I was under the impression it was from Karl Lagerfeld. Am I wrong?

    Anyhow, the parfum is absolutely gorgeous and is unfortunately very difficult to come by in the larger sizes now. I had a full 1/2 oz in the lovely bottle with the ground glass stopper. The bottle came to an unfortunate ending involving a dog, a dresser and lots of swearing! I sopped up what I could with cotton balls, but it was mostly lost. I should have gone right out and gotten another bottle but I lingered, thinking I had time. Nope.

    It would be wonderful if it's not, but I can't imagine this re-introduction won't be a bit tweaked. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised.

    I have a Dawn Spencer Hurwitz oil of Chlo- her interpretation. It's not bad. A bit more green in the opening, but very floriferous into the heart. It blends well with the EdT of the original.

    Oh how I would love a goodly amount of the parfum of this again!
    Scent is such a lovely, simple pleasure!

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    Default Re: News: Relaunch of 70s classic Chlo.

    When I was a little girl, I was friends with a little boy whose mother always used to send him to play with me with a little present; a string of beads, a plastic whistle - that sort of thing. My mother used to return the favour, with a dinky car or one of those rubber bouncy balls.

    One glorious day, when I was about 5, Jamie turned up with a miniature bottle of Chlo. I adored it; my parents allowed me to wear on special occasions. I've not smelled it for years; I'd love to try it again.

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    Default Re: News: Relaunch of 70s classic Chlo.

    I used to wear it. I wore it on my wedding day!

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    Default Re: News: Relaunch of 70s classic Chlo.

    I love Chloe, it's beautiful. But it's my grandmother's scent and always will be. My Pop died young; he was only 45. Right before he died, he bought a bottle of Chloe for Grandmommy as an anniversary gift. She never wore anything else after he died, it became a scent memory of time with him.
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    Default Re: News: Relaunch of 70s classic Chlo.

    Quote Originally Posted by Artisankey
    I love the original Chlo. I was under the impression it was from Karl Lagerfeld. Am I wrong?
    Yes, Chlo was part the Lagerfeld fragrances together with KL in the 70s and 80s. It's rather bizarre because Chlo is a brand on it's own. The Chlo fashion house was opened in Paris in the 50s (I think). It had it's first revival in the 70s when Karl Lagerfeld became it's head designer, then a second revival in the late 90s under Stella McCartney and Phoebe Filo. Maybe that in the 70s the connection between Lagerfeld and Chlo was so obvious, it could only help sales by putting the 2 names on the packaging. With the launch of Narcisse de Chlo and Sun Moon Stars by Karl Lagerfeld the 2 brands became individual again.

    Not sure under which company Parfums Lagerfeld/Chlo were created. I think it was Elizabeth Arden's Parfums International division as all it's brands became later part of Unliver. Then EA became an independent company again and Unliver sold it's perfume portfolio to Coty.

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