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    Anyone hear of any discount codes or freebies from Beautyhabit?

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    They don't come out with discount codes too often and usually list them in a magazine, which we don't get around here... but if you sign up for their mailing list, they will send you announcements of what special offerings they are doing and you can run a search on makeupalley to see if any of them have a code.

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    Check the blog Now Smell This, on the top righthand corner click SHOP and the page with coupon codes will come up for BeautyHabit, Luscious Cargo, Aedes, Beauty Cafe and Apothia

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    BH seems to have cut back a bit on its codes/coupons. Back in 2005 there was a 20% off sale and then last winter there was a $15.00 coupon from Lucky magazine that ran for several months. This year it is more along the lines of free shipping or a kickback after purchase. Think there was just a $10.00 rebate on future purchases, but not sure when this expires (if still in force).

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    I think I remember a big coupon discount in October of last year... like 20% off? Maybe they'll do it again, we're just a little early for it. I really want to try the new fragrances Tocca is coming out with, which are supposed to be available in Oct some time. I've been using the soap and might want the perfume to match, particularly Stella! Waiting impatiently for it to arrive at the store, but a coupon would help. $65 is nothing to sneeze at.

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