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    Default Ugly Fragrance Breakdown

    Has anyone noticed that with certain colognes, in the final hours as the remnants of the basenotes are starting to fade away, that they start to smell ugly and "broken"?

    I know it's a bit abstract, but I can't think of a better way to describe it. It's like the basenote is still there, but it's breaking apart. It smells kind of like synthetic chemicals. It's rather unpleasant.

    The ones that I notice that do this are Cool Water Deep, Xeryus Rouge, and Opium. I think Pi also does this, but I'm not sure. I'll find out in a few hours as I'm wearing it now. Actually Joop which is awful on me, smells like that almost from the getgo.

    Zino doesn't do this, neither does M7, nor Concentré/Eau d'Orange Verte, Cool Water Summer Fizz or Drakaar. I forget if regular Cool Water does, but I don't think so.

    If anyone is familliar with this phenomenon, what is the cause of it?
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    Default Re: Ugly Fragrance Breakdown

    I get the reverse. I think when you first put something on it can seem a bit chaotic. But after a few minutes of drying down, it smells good from then on.

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    Default Re: Ugly Fragrance Breakdown

    I agree with GJC, but for me this phenomenon is much more common with later releases. Nice, eyecatching opening and then - blaah.


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    Default Re: Ugly Fragrance Breakdown

    I definately get this with some scents... but I have a hard time telling sometimes whether it's the scent's fault or it happens due to my actions, say if I sweat intensely or something. I can't think of all the scents that do this, but I think that Yang does sometimes, as well as Santal by Floris. There are others too. None of them get "bad", they just leave a really subtle "off" smell after they've more or less died out.

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    Default Re: Ugly Fragrance Breakdown

    Some of them certainly do it on me once the basenotes have faded away. Herrera for Men, Dunhill Edition and Van Cleff and Arpels pour Homme for instances.

    I have always blamed for this the use of bad quality synthetic fixatives.
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    Default Re: Ugly Fragrance Breakdown

    Rochas man comes apart in a very ugly way on my skin after about two hours...


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    Default Re: Ugly Fragrance Breakdown

    Neroli Sauvage (which I have a love-hate relationship with) is so unpredicable on me, that I'm scared to wear it to work. It can turn into something distastrously eggy and sulphurous, but only does that sometimes.
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    Default Re: Ugly Fragrance Breakdown

    So just to follow up, Pi does *not* breakdown into a gross mess. Today I wore Opium which despite starting a thread about how gross it was, I've started to like. However, after about an hour, all the spicy and sweet pleasant notes are gone, and a single gross rank smell is left.
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