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    Default Nemat oils v. Attar Bazaar oils...

    To anyone who's tried both of these--how do they compare? I just tried AB's Persian Amber, and I love it, but I'm wondering if Nemat has anything comparable...

    Also, any way to get Nemat oils online at retail price?

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    Default Re: Nemat oils v. Attar Bazaar oils...

    Short answer: Nemat did nothing for me. I have had multiple bottles of various scents, and they just don't seem to have much bouquet, and seem a lot quieter than Attar Bazaar, some of which are aggressive (there is one that is a classic model of aldehydic perfume right up there with Joy or Chanel No. 5 (Egyptian Shalimar) ) and the Medina Musk gives new meaning to fierce. None of the musks worked for me, but that is a matter of personal preference.

    I didn't find the strong signature from Nemat, but I only tried those available on their pre-packaged display (which you can see on their website) and never did bother ordering any others.

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    Default Re: Nemat oils v. Attar Bazaar oils...

    I haven't tried Nemat myself, but there is a makeupalley member, Muskiss, who has been ordering and reviewing LOTS of Nemat oils. Unfortunately it looks like she has closed her account at MUA - she used to have lots of the reviews posted on her notepad. Apparently you can call or email Nemat and order smaller quantities than 4 ounces.

    She also has posted that these sites are reselling Nemat oils:

    and the ones labeled "exotic attar" on this page:

    In some states, Whole Foods stores carry them, not under the name "Nemat" but just called "Perfume Oils from India" or something along those lines.

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