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    Default finding your groove?

    Things have become a lot easier for me to resist, now that I've found out more about what works for me and what doesn't. I spent a lot of time reading reviews other people wrote and ordering tons of samples in a haphazard fashion, really wasting a lot of money just on them, when I could have been spending it on larger bottles I could get more use out of. But now I think I'm finding my true style and with my most recent sample purchase, taking off once again into territory that was different than what my spirit was leading me to, it confirms it.

    What does work are the lighter fragrances from bath and body lines, mainly from France and Italy. I also like some of the colognes by Guerlain, the eau Fraiche fragrances by Hermes, and YSL Roses Des Bois was a rare one that actually dried down on me nicer than it smelled when I first applied it, so that is why I ordered the other four in that line. They are all different, yet based on notes I enjoy.

    The notes I love most are:

    pink roses
    lemon verbena
    orange blossoms
    green leaves
    lilies of the valley
    french lavender

    and some with basenotes of sandalwood and vanilla in cooler weather.

    Have you found your groove or are you still looking?

    I don't mind spending money on something I'm going to get some use out of, it's the ones I don't that seem like such a waste. I'm going to try harder to resist things that aren't really "my type" and see if I can do better. No more buying loads of samples that aren't or that are too expensive for me to feel comfortable about buying full bottles of. I am making this statement in front of you all today, so I won't backslide.

    (Edit: Just so you won't think I'm totally bonkers, I did order four full sizes of the various Paris Springtime fragrances by YSL at a discount, but I'm choosing my favorite two to keep and my sister and her teenager daughter are getting the other two for Christmas, which they have already approved.)
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    Default Re: finding your groove?

    After spending thousands of dollars on full bottles, decants and samples of scents that just are NOT me I have come to accept I am just better suited with oriental fragrances. I tried to go the "light floral", "sweet and fruity" and "soft musks" way but they don't smell quite right on me. It was like wearing someone else's clothes. Gourmands are also scents that work well with my chemistry too. I'm cleaning up the perfume graveyard and going back to my original fave scent group.

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    Default Re: finding your groove?

    Before I made the decision to stick to the kinds of fragrances I KNOW I like, I was busy ordering samples of ones I was only curious about and now they are arriving. BAD DECISION, but it's making it easier for me to stay with the plan. UGHHH!!!

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    Default Re: finding your groove?

    i've noticed that i buy most when i'm depressed.does this ever happen to you guys?> anyway scents really do a good job at making me happy.

    im sticking to the notes i love > vanilla, osmanthus, honey,patchouli and lily of the valley.

    i enjoy the adventure. but i admit i sometime go over the board. like this month i bought over 8 blind buy bottles.

    but i am really happy w/ more than half of that so i guess that's ok right?
    "Where should one use perfume?" a young woman asked. "Wherever one wants to be kissed," I said. - Coco Chanel

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    Default Re: finding your groove?

    I enjoy the adventure, too. And for me, fragrance is more than just spritzing on a pleasant smell so other people will notice, it's truly aromatherapy. It's also good for people to have a hobby, something they really love. Sometimes I am surprised at how many people don't! If we are enthusiastic and involved in something, we forget our "egos" or problems and become one with the flow of life. In my case, I can overdo it and go off on tangents, buying fragrances I know really aren't my style, just out of curiosity.

    Yesterday, I received my third purchase of the YSL Paris Roses line. It was not described properly on the website and I already had that one, so I'm returning it. I felt a sense of relief, actually.

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    Default Re: finding your groove?

    i think i may also have problems letting go of frags > however last month i was able to sell my burberry weekend ( which i found too sweet and mumsy) i was relieved.

    yeah this a great hobby.

    it also keeps my mind off smoking! ( Smoke-Free: 73 days, 9 hours, 51 minutes and 23 seconds )
    "Where should one use perfume?" a young woman asked. "Wherever one wants to be kissed," I said. - Coco Chanel

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    Default Re: finding your groove?

    Congratulations! It keeps me from desiring sweets or going out shopping, dropping money on things I don't want or need. I sold two of my auctions and someone is watching a third, so that is good. I was fragrance free yesterday and am going to do the same this morning so I can gain back my equilibrium.

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