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    Default Poisoned by Poison (by Dior)

    After discovering a little-used bottle of Poison EdT that belongs to my stepmom under the sink a while back, I decided to put some on before bed one night to see what it's all about (this was almost a year ago). Since then, I find myself frequently spraying this wonderful potion on before bedtime.

    There's just something truly intoxicating about this scent. The berries, opoponax, subtle florals, and sweet tinges on honey just meld so well together. The problem is, as a nearly-24-year-old male, I just don't think I can pull it off. It's just a tad too feminine (it is a woman's frag, after all). Maybe I just don't have the confidence or am afraid that someone's going to call me out for wearing a woman's scent (well, there's been a few times where I've asked if I were wearing a woman's scent, most often with Versace's Blue Jean or Bvlgari Black).

    Oh, and plus I don't want my stepmom all of the sudden wondering why half of her bottle is now gone (if she ever discovers it).

    So my question is, how can I sate my need for this intoxicating brew? What are some men's scents that share similar characteristics or combination of notes? I have rather small fragrance counters around here, and haven't yet come across anything even remotely close. Thanks for all your help!

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    Default Re: Poisoned by Poison (by Dior)

    I know that guilty pleasure well by another scent. I'm fond of wearing some Mure et Musc (and Extreme also) to bed. L'Artisian tries to make it easy with the non-gender labeling. But come on now! Who are we kidding?

    Though it smells very feminine it's a comfort scent for me. A milky smooth creation that takes me back to lazy summer days picking blackberries into a 1 gallon ice cream bucket. And that's one of the prime purposes of scent, is it not? Memories.

    We can appreciate perfume for the abstract and intangible art that it truly is. But when something evokes warm memories like that it's a keeper.

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    Default Re: Poisoned by Poison (by Dior)

    I always feel that Joop Homme is in the same universe of Poison.

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    Default Re: Poisoned by Poison (by Dior)

    I noted in my review of Joop! that it smells like "the 'top half' of Poison." Joop! is much brighter and doesn't settle down to that smooth, dark drydown that I love so much in Poison.

    I like Joop! (so long as it's used in moderation), and was fortunate enough for a SA to give me 4 sample tubes, which I recon is a lifetime supply.

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    Default Re: Poisoned by Poison (by Dior)

    I used to own a bottle of Poison. I even got up the courage to wear it to work a couple of times. No rude comments or strange looks came my way. I think Poison totally works on a man, and apparently so does Versace since Versace Man is essentially a slightly cleaner, more "masculine" reworking of Poison, down to the purple color on the flacon.

    Poison is the anti-Opium: Where Opium starts hard and masculine and dries soft and feminine, Poison has a light fruit start that allures before the hard, impenetrable rush of flowers and bittersweet powder entrap the person smelling it. It's opaque, a hard, sharp wall of pretty things. If Opium is a lock to be picked, Poison is a mousetrap snapping everyone's tail. But that bitterness, the cleanness of the florals, that hard, stern quality translates to a man. Of course, what seems dangerously alluring on a woman reads more as fresh and spare, though thankfully not "girly."

    Of course, I just couldn't bring myself to wear this very famous, very recognizable women's scent out, either. Something more unknown like Kingdom or Scent is one thing, but Poison is a fragrance that's very recognizable. Self-consciousness won, but then I smelled Versace Man. The same stuff! I'm not one of those "men can wear anything" guys. No man should be caught dead in Paris or No. 22. But Poison? A guy can wear this and wear it well.

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    Default Re: Poisoned by Poison (by Dior)

    I just love the smell of Jailia for women, but its an ultra-female gourmand fragrance and I dont know how a man could pull it off. Still, I often wear it around the house.

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    Default Re: Poisoned by Poison (by Dior)

    I regularly wear masculine perfumes (M7, Habit Rouge, Eau Sauvage, Lagerfeld Classic, Coriolan, Antaeus, Bel Ami) so can understand the quandry of wearing a distinctly 'different' gender scent.

    May I humbly suggest you try the Poison Espirit de Parfum. If you love the EDT you will be blown away by the dark, gothic beauty of the EDP. It is drier and less fruity, with the emphasis firmly on the spice, musk and herbs.

    Luckily it is also slightly less recognisable then the ubiquitous EDT and will probably be dynamite on your masculine chemistry.

    Try it!
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