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    Default Summer Frag for Wife


    I'm visiting the US from Australia and will be doing some fragrance shopping.

    My wife's wardrobe is here:

    I was planning on getting something for a really hot Australian summer (in addition to the must buy but not for summer Bois des Iles to go with her Gardenia!). Some ideas are:

    Chanel Cristalle
    a Carthusia fragrance (maybe Io)
    a fig fragrance (leaning toward Philsykos)
    Creed Love in White
    Creed Himalaya

    Of course she can borrow my Colonia Assolute or Terre d'Hermes that I'm buying for myself (or Eau Sauvage or Guerlain or Malle Vetivers...) but I'd like something for her too.

    I'm certainly not averse to something aquatic/fun/young either as long as it's not cheap and synthetic (we are both <30yo). Also conscious of the fact that she loves, but already has many, white florals, so wondering if something else would be better (although having smelt Love in White I think it's different enough to justify)

    Thanks in advance

    Top 10 (not in order): Dunhill 1934, Dunhill Edition, Terre d'Hermes, Rive Gauche, Habit Rouge, Guerlain Vetiver, Knize Ten, Bois du Portugal, Vintage Tabarome, Green Irish Tweed

    Summer Rotation: GIT, Aventus, Erolfa, Vetiver 1948, Guerlain Vetiver, Malle VE, Terre d'Hermes, Bvlgari PH, Bvlgari Acqua, Habit Rouge EDC and Sport, ADP Colonia Assoluta, Chanel PMC, Dunhill Edition, Eau Sauvage, TF Azure Lime

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    Default Re: Summer Frag for Wife

    The thread for her wardrobe is actually here:

    How about a Santa Maria Novella fragrance? Verbena has a good citrus character that holds up to the heat.

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    Default Re: Summer Frag for Wife

    Love in White is gorgeous, but as you mentioned fig notes I
    would recommend Cristobal. It's been my mainstay this summer and
    garners loads of compliments.

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    Default Re: Summer Frag for Wife

    Cielo by Flora Napa Valley is my favorite fig scent. In hot weather, it is luscious. It has a honeysuckle note which sweetens it and is reminiscent of the wine country in California. The drydown is mossy.

    Also agree about the Verbena note, I wore L'Occitane's Verbena Harvest all summer, it's not terribly long lasting, but in high heat and humidity, I didn't care. I had the bath and body products to match. Verbena Harvest has notes of lemon, rose and geranium. They have a new summer scent this year that has verbena and grapefruit, check the website for further info. In addition, bugs hate verbena, which was another big plus for me.

    Another summer favorite is by Pre de Provence, it's a fresh orange blossom called Orange Flower. Beautyhabit carries it for less than $20!

    I'm waiting for a sample of Love in White, right now, the possibilities for me are great, considering the description, so anticipation is high. We'll see how it works on my skin.

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    Default Re: Summer Frag for Wife

    Quote Originally Posted by Ged
    Some ideas are:

    Chanel Cristalle
    a Carthusia fragrance (maybe Io)
    a fig fragrance (leaning toward Philsykos)
    Creed Love in White
    Creed Himalaya
    My suggestions are:
    Le Parfum de Therese - wonderful and perfect for summer (if you can get a hold of it in your trip). To understand how much I love it and how great it is in the summer read my review on my blog:

    Philosykos - I can't recommend it highly enouhg. It's the best fig perfume in my opinion, and just perfect for summer heat!

    Citron Citron (Miller Harris) - an interesting, dry and slightly spicy citrus (notes of cardamom, coriander, lime, lemon, orange, basil, mint and a base of cedar and musk). One of the most interesting citruses there is.

    Songes (Annick Goutal's new release) - For a white floral that is also wearable in a warmer weather.

    But of course your other ideas - namely Christal and Himalaya - are great too. I personally don't like Love In White, and think it might be too powdery for your wife's taste (just judging by her wardrobe, of course).

    Have fun searching and shopping!
    Ayala Moriel, Perfumer
    Ayala Moriel Parfums
    Visit my SmellyBlog:

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